Re: First attempt at a Python prog (Chess)

Discussion in 'Python' started by Oscar Benjamin, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. On 15 February 2013 11:36, Tim Golden <> wrote:
    > On 15/02/2013 11:22, Oscar Benjamin wrote:
    >> Why not make board a list of lists. Then you can do:
    >> for row in board:
    >> for piece in row:
    >> rather than using range().
    >> Or perhaps you could have a dict that maps position tuples to pieces,
    >> e.g.: {(1, 2): 'k', ...}

    > I'm laughing slightly here because, at the monthly London Python
    > Dojo, we often find ourselves implementing board-game mechanics
    > of one sort or another: Boggle, Battleships, Sliding block,
    > Connect 4, Noughts-and-Crosses, even things like Game of Life
    > (which has a board of sorts).
    > And the "how shall we represent the board?" question is pretty
    > much the first thing any team asks themselves. And you always
    > get someone in favour of lists of lists, someone for one long
    > list,

    I always get confused when doing this about which of my coordinates
    needs to be multiplied (i.e. whether I am in Fortran or C order).

    > someone who likes a string, someone (me) who likes a sparse
    > dict keyed on coords,

    Clearly better than the others.

    > someone else likes nested defaultdicts,
    > and occasionally more outlandish schemes.
    > We even went to the extent of having a Dojo a few months back
    > which was solely about implementing the ideal board for varying
    > characteristics, but we didn't come to any conclusions :)

    In this case the innermost loop of the program is over the pieces on
    the board. Clearly you want a data structure that allows you to
    iterate directly over them. (Actually since that loop is to calculate
    the score I would replace it with a function that computes the change
    in score as a result of each move).

    > (Also I seem to remember that the OP was advised earlier precisely
    > to abandon lists of lists in favour of something else).

    Actually the suggestion was for the list of lists (instead of a flat list).

    Oscar Benjamin, Feb 15, 2013
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