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Discussion in 'HTML' started by SpaceGirl, Jun 15, 2004.

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    "Frogleg" <> wrote in message
    > I need some HELP here, people. I've spent days trying to discover the
    > *names* of the things I need to ask questions about, and the terms to
    > use.
    > Here is my task: to set up something for a client to update a small
    > inventory of items and descriptions on a couple of web pages. Since
    > this is obviously a common operation for small business e-commerce, I
    > figured it wouldn't be too difficult or too obscure to find info.
    > So, I know I'm going to need to learn SQL and/or PHP or something
    > similar. But 'lesson 1' for SQL is how to install mySQL on my
    > computer. That's *not* what I need. Structured Query Language sounds
    > promising, but what good is SQL to manipulate a database if you don't
    > *have* a database? How does one go about *creating* a database?
    > What's the difference between SQL, PHP, ASP, Cold Fusion, CGI, etc.,
    > etc.? No, no. I really don't want to know that. I just want to know
    > what tool to use let a client put new pictures of T-shirts on her web
    > pages. Is this 'Content management'? Or something else?
    > What would you do if you were given this task? Write a simple script?
    > Look for a canned script? Which language? I can use a hosting site
    > that says they support PHP and mySQL, but have no guidelines on how to
    > *use* these. Except to create a highly individual name for one's
    > database.
    > So far I've learned how to write code/script that presumably would
    > display "hello, world." I've discovered scripts for handling
    > 'membership' online, or 'trees of the world' quizzes. I am baffled,
    > baffled, baffled.
    > I need guidance.

    You need to go to and start at the first class and work
    your way through. You are looking for shortcuts, and their aren't any. You
    need to know *something* about the technology so that you can ascertain
    *which* technology best suits your goal. For example, SQL is a language -
    however *how you use* that language changes depending on *which* server you
    use. SQL used against a MySQL database is structurally different than
    similar queries against a Microsoft SQLServer database.

    This is hopelessly to complicated for a newbie to be tackling with a client
    waiting; if I were you I'd pass this client over and go learn the technology
    FIRST, then go client hunting. If you get this wrong, you may spend forever
    trying to redo the site over and over until you get it wrong... I cant
    imagine any client hanging around for you to deliver something that works,
    plus, it'd make you look a fool.

    However, I remember what it was like at the beginning... if you want, email
    me offline or ICQ me and I can walk you through some of the basics. But DO
    make sure you check out the W3 schools site... it's invaluable even to a
    seasoned web designer.

    SpaceGirl, Jun 15, 2004
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