Re: Godaddy - they change their policy and take your domains withoutnotice

Discussion in 'HTML' started by TK, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. TK

    TK Guest

    Red E. Kilowatt wrote:
    > Red E. Kilowatt wrote:
    >> Be advised that Godaddy is now suspending domains where the associated
    >> web site contains an affiliate link to an online pharmacy.

    > They didn't respond to any of the points I made in my defense. They said
    > I can either pay the $75 each and immediately move those domains or I
    > can call them up and discuss it further. Discussing this further with
    > them would only amount to me telling them they're wrong and them telling
    > me they have a right to do whatever they want. There's no use in arguing
    > about this any more and I'm not going to give in to their ransom
    > demands. So I guess that's the end of it.

    IIRC, you are in the US. I can not say about your state but the State
    Attorney General in Illinois (unlike Ohio) really gets after rip-off
    artists like gd. We had switched long distance carriers nearly 8 years
    before to Farm Bureau. Sprint originally called asking us to pay our
    overdue (3 years) phone bill. I said I had never received a bill and if
    they would send me an itemized bill I would be happy to pay it.
    <Laughter>"We don't have records that go back that far." When I asked
    how they knew I owed it they asked "Are you going to pay?" I repeated my
    request for a statement and they hung up on me. This took place on 3
    separate occasions before they turned it over to a collection agency.

    Sprint did not "know" that we had switched LDC despite suddenly not
    having to send us a bill for 6 years 4 months. When they started a
    minimum monthly billing charge we had moved. The bills they were
    erroneously sending could not be forwarded - the move was over a year old.

    After a couple of letters to Sprint cc to the State Attorney General's
    office and a letter from the SAG to me cc to Sprint, Sprint wrote a
    letter of apology admitting that we did not owe them any money.

    When I had a problem with a hotel in Ohio (the website stated the
    waterpark was included - they charged us for it), I tried contacting the
    Ohio SAG office first and got absolutely no help. I took screen
    captures (recommend doing that if not already) of the pages stating the
    standard rates included 4 waterpark passes. The home page and the FAQ
    page both stated that was the case. I sent a letter (email is too easy
    to ignore) to the hotel cc to the corporate offices with both screen
    captures, got my money back and the website updated ;-)

    HTH - Good luck

    The first time I saw my wife I knew she was "Miss Right"
    After we were married, I learned her first name is "Always"
    TK, Dec 18, 2009
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