Re: I had my site 'professionaly' reviewed.

Discussion in 'HTML' started by John Hosking, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. John Hosking

    John Hosking Guest

    Mike Barnard wrote:
    > Hi all.
    > A lot of you helped me design my site ( a few
    > months ago. You might be interested in what I was told today.
    > British Telecom have a site that gives a free 15 minute review of your
    > site.
    > <>

    Why is it free, I wonder? Is this just a true, benificent act of purity?
    Or are they hoping to sell you something (like site development services)?

    > Well, it's free so I had it done. I was told "Your site looks as if
    > you did it yourself. It looks amateurish." On asking why he said "It's
    > the layout. It fills my entire screen. It would look much better if it
    > was a fixed width in the centre."

    It'd look much better to him, because that's what he's used to seeing,
    because that's what so many professional designers do. Doesn't make it
    right, or good. He'd probably like lots of Verdana and Flash and faded

    Did he say *which* fixed width you're supposed to use? If he gave you a
    width in pixels, what does he say when you add (or subtract) 1 (or 10 or
    100) and ask him about vistors with that size viewport?

    > Sigh. Is he a plonker?

    Yes. I don't actually know what a plonker is, but he sounds like one.

    > His JOB is reviewing websites.

    Yeah, well, G.W.Bush's job is to protect the Constitution and...

    > He didn't have much else to say other than "Use meta data" and "Fill
    > the title with stuff for google to pick up on". Anyone else in the UK
    > used this service?

    I'd agree with the otherwise clueless "use meta data," to the extent
    that I recommend you add a Description, which some/many search engines
    use when returning results. Currently, e.g., Yahoo returns your first
    content, up to the first items in your nav menu.

    <meta NAME="description" CONTENT="Michael Barnard, Independent Fire Risk
    Assessor: Risk assessment for your UK firm>

    Do feel free to use different descriptions for different pages. They're
    different pages, aren't they?

    And like the guy said, do also feel free to use different titles for
    different pages.

    <title>Michael Barnard: Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005</title>

    Long titles are only useful for Google-stuffing, so I'd drop the Mr. (no
    offense) and get to the goodies.

    I'm not in the UK, so I haven't used this.

    As regards the review "service": You get what you pay for.

    Of course, Usenet is a free service...
    John Hosking, Jun 16, 2008
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  2. dorayme

    dorayme Guest

    In article <48568855$>,
    John Hosking <> wrote:

    > Mike Barnard wrote:

    > > Sigh. Is he a plonker?

    > Yes. I don't actually know what a plonker is, but he sounds like one.

    A plonker is a sort of general grump who goes through life saying just
    about anything negative that comes into his mind without thinking much
    of all the relevant circumstances.

    dorayme, Jun 16, 2008
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