Re: Inserting record with Microsoft Access

Discussion in 'Python' started by Albert Leibbrandt, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. jeffhg582003 wrote:

    >I am developing a python script which add records to
    >a microsoft access tables. All my tables have autogenerated number
    >fields. I am trying to capture the number generated from the insert but
    >I am not exactly sure how to do that after an insert.

    I had to do something similiar in sql server and the experts back then
    told me that the only way is to write a stored procedure. aparently sql
    server does not have sequences and I am guessing that access is the same.


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    Albert Leibbrandt, Feb 9, 2006
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  2. On Thu, 09 Feb 2006 10:54:45 +0200, Albert Leibbrandt
    <> declaimed the following in comp.lang.python:

    > told me that the only way is to write a stored procedure. aparently sql
    > server does not have sequences and I am guessing that access is the same.

    Access/JET does have an autonumber field type... Obtaining the last
    inserted value is a different matter -- I don't have time to crawl
    through the half-dozen VB-JET/Access database texts I have lying around,
    but I'm sure an algorithm was given for this (short of locking the
    tables during the insert and then doing something like select
    max(autonumber_field) from insert_table; lock needed to prevent a
    concurrent insert changing the number)

    From O-XP help, mapping between the two (unfortunately, it doesn't go
    into details on the SQL Server types, so what the "identity property"
    defines is unknown:

    AutoNumber (AutoNumber data type: In a Microsoft Access database, a
    field data type that automatically stores a unique number for each
    record as it's added to a table. Three kinds of numbers can be
    generated: sequential, random, and Replication ID.) (Increment)

    SQL Server
    int (int data type: In an Access project, a data type of 4 bytes (32
    bits) that stores whole numbers in the range of –2^31 (–2,147,483,648)
    through 2^31 – 1 (2,147,483,647).) (with the Identity property defined)

    Help system leads to M$ site, and the best I've seen so far (since
    autonumber don't reuse values) is

    select top 1 autonumber_field from table order by autonumber_field
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    Dennis Lee Bieber, Feb 9, 2006
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