Re: Is this just too hard for folks here? Or too stupid?

Discussion in 'HTML' started by Mike Foster, Jun 23, 2003.

  1. Mike Foster

    Mike Foster Guest

    Mr. Carter, thank you very much! And thank you to all that responded -
    that's all I really wanted, to know if it was possible. While some of you
    were a little more "direct" in your ideas for me, I at least found out that
    it cannot be done via straight html on a form layout. The tables idea is a
    good one, and I'm going to research the arrays suggestion as well. For
    those who were curious, the website is for a virtual airline for flight
    simulator enthusiasts (see it at ). And, I always put the
    "REMOVETHIS" label in my email address because of a past history of
    receiving spam after posting to usenet groups.


    "Andrew H. Carter" <> wrote in message
    > On Sat, 21 Jun 2003 08:35:24 -0500, "Mike Foster"
    > <> wrote:
    > >I've asked this several times on alt.html, and I don't even get a

    > >Is it too difficult, or even impossible to do? Or is it so "lame" that

    > >one wants to respond? If that's the case, I'd appreciate someone

    > >me to a site giving me instructions on how to accomplish it. Thanks! My
    > >original message is below...
    > >---------------------
    > >Hello! I have a form where people can pick which airline service they

    > >flying for (a virtual airline). I also have on this form a drop down

    > >of aircraft they can choose to fly. Right now the aircraft list has all

    > >aircraft, and I would like to have this list appear contingent on the

    > >of the service they are flying. The service selections are here:
    > >
    > ><input type="radio" name="flttype" value="assigned"
    > >checked>Scheduled/Assigned PAX service<br>
    > ><input type="radio" name="flttype" value="charter">Charter Approved by

    > >Management<br>
    > ><input type="radio" name="flttype" value="training">Training Flight

    > >by Captain Allen<br>
    > ><input type="radio" name="flttype" value="cargo">Cargo Flight Approved by
    > >Hub Management<br>
    > >
    > >I would like the option of four different aircraft lists (for now call

    > >A,B,C,D)
    > >to be given depending on which service they choose. For instance, if the
    > >click on Schedule/Assigned PAX service, then the aircraft dropdown list
    > >would show only the "A" aircraft list; Charter would only show "B", and

    > >on.
    > >

    > If I understand you correctly, you are wanting to show prices for
    > certain types of flights? Aside from Javascript which is what this
    > would require, an HTML way would be to use Tables, a shortcut way to
    > colorize them, which is probably the best way, would be to:
    > 1) Either design the site by hand or use Front Page/FP Express.
    > 2) Get a webcolor program to pick colors, I use Web Color (a free
    > program!!)
    > WebColor
    > This sophisticated program is perfect for those who use colors in
    > their web pages. It allows you to quickly find any color in both its
    > RGB value and hex value, with an option to limit the palette to the
    > safe 216 colors for web page design. You can also extract colors from
    > various formats of image files, and sample web pages with user-defined
    > colors can be generated quickly. WebColor also gives you the ability
    > to save your favorite colors for future use.
    > ********
    > Once you down the program, check the box: "Only allow safety palette
    > colors" that way you will see the HTML code that all browsers will
    > understand since you want to get the lion's share of exposure.
    > 3) Once you have decided on a color scheme using the sliders you can
    > asign the cells those colors by entering the values in the RGB boxes.
    > 4) Once you have edited the program to your heart's content save the
    > file.
    > 5) Edit the saved file via a text editor and remove any evidence of
    > Microsoft/Front Page Express, so that people will know that you know
    > how to hand code. :) I try to avoid FP Express since it doesn't
    > always code properly.
    > One way to plan your form layout would be to "format" it via a
    > spreadsheet program.
    > It is a quirk of mine that I hate having to scroll side to side to see
    > text, scrolling down is acceptable, but side to side make me want to
    > sharpen the blades of my arrows.
    > Sincerely,
    > Andrew H. Carter
    Mike Foster, Jun 23, 2003
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