Re: Looking for free or cheap shopping cart program

Discussion in 'HTML' started by David Segall, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. David Segall

    David Segall Guest

    "Jack B. Pollack" <> wrote:

    >Can someone recommend a free or cheap shopping cart program. We want to
    >start selling about 10 items on our site.

    OpenFreeway <> is oriented towards selling
    services. osCommerce <> is oriented toward
    selling products. I have heard good things about both but I don't have
    any experience with either of them.
    David Segall, Apr 22, 2008
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  2. Julien


    Sep 3, 2010
    Maian Cart
    An easy-to-use shopping cart system is Maian Cart (
    It works with PayPal and permits up to two product options. It also permits priced product options and selling digital goods.
    One limitation is that categories cannot be splitted into subcategories.

    Totally flexible concerning the layout, but with steeper learning curve is TreasureChest for MODx. It requires learning the jargon that the MODx CMS uses (documents, template variables, chunks, snippets, ...), but you can take advantage from all MODx benefits, i.e. you can combine components in a very flexible manner. This means that the layout of your shop is totally customizable.
    For instance, you can combine TreasureChest with MaxiGallery, a MODx snippet for picture galleries and display several images per product.
    The products can be diplayed in categories, without limit in depth.

    - TreasureChest 1.0 version, by S. Delicious:

    - TreasureChest 1.3 (after several improvements by me):

    Online demonstration:
    The demo is fully functional, i.e. you can go up to the voucher page.

    The software works with PayPal and allows up to 10 options per product.
    Utf-8 is fully supported, also in option name and option values.
    A plugin exists for downloadable goods, but I did not test it.

    The backend is easy to use for the end user.
    Configuring the cart requires developer experience.
    I provide installation/configuration service if needed.

    The backend is currently available in English, French and German.
    Spanish and Greek are planned.
    I'm currently working on the way to display a multlingual frontend.

    Other systems (I did not test them.)
    - Zen Cart : this one has reputation to be more secure than osCommerce, but seemed me quite difficult to setup without purchasing the book,
    - WP e-Commerce (for the WordPress CMS)
    - VirtueMart (for Joomla CMS)
    - √úberCart (for Drupal CMS)
    - PrestaShop : easy to setup I think
    - Magento : has reputation to be the Rolls of free e-commerce systems, but also to have steep learning curve and to require a fast web hosting (typically a dedicated server).
    Julien, Oct 27, 2010
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