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Discussion in 'Java' started by Mark Space, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. Mark Space

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    MartianFizz wrote:

    > * Any good robust sources of Swing examples, most notably action listeners?

    When you need stuff like this, Google for "Java action Listener
    tutorial". I.e. the first hit for me is:


    > * Good all purpose Java reference website (hopefully better than Sun's)?

    Sun's site is very good. Between their tutorial and the Java docs you
    should be able to answer most of your questions. However, if you are
    just starting out, those can be hard to read.

    This may be painful but I'd recommend some remedial work until Sun's
    website makes sense. Two things I'd recommend: _Learning Java_ by
    O'Reilly. It's a good intro to the language, it has info that Sun
    typically skips, and there's enough information in the book that it can
    act as a reference for quite a while.

    The other is to take an online class. Sun pays Sang Shin, a sun
    researcher, to give free online classes in Java and related subjects.
    It'll be slow for you, but I found it useful because it forced me to
    learn the language in an organized why, which was the thing I was
    missing when I tried to learn Java on my own by just reading online
    articles and such.


    This is a serious course, equivalent to a university level intro to an
    language. You also must do the homeworks, because you won't get the
    benefit of the class if you just try to skim it. It'll be tough,
    because there's 4 to 8 hours of homework with each class, so you can't
    just breeze through it, but it'll plug those holes in your Java
    education and let you be more productive. And Sun's online docs will
    start to make sense to you.

    Good luck.
    Mark Space, Oct 22, 2008
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