Re: Odd scrolling issue

Discussion in 'HTML' started by Norman Peelman, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. On 01/21/2014 01:54 PM, Ed Mullen wrote:
    > Okay, here's a weird one.
    > Someone was perusing one of my Web sites and said, to paraphrase:
    > "If I click in the vertical scroll bar below the handle the page scrolls
    > down more than one full screen."
    > That is, the vast majority of pages (I've checked many) will scroll so
    > that the bottom of the first page is now at the top. The pages on my
    > site scroll up past that, so that the content of the initial screen is
    > above the top of the page. Meaning that the user will be missing, not
    > see, some content.
    > I only give this page as an example because it requires several
    > scroll-downs to see the entire page.
    > Then try any page. I haven't found one where it happens.
    > Oddly, having checked it in:
    > IE 11
    > Opera 18
    > Chrome 32
    > Safari (Windows) 5
    > Pale Moon 24 Moz-based
    > SeaMonkey 2 Moz-based
    > Firefox 26 Moz-based
    > Only the Moz-based browsers exhibit the problem. Although, oddly enough,
    > they scroll properly using the Page Up and Page Down keyboard buttons.
    > I have tested this on a variety of sites online and most do not exhibit
    > this but several do.
    > While it seems to be a problem with the Mozilla core core, it also seems
    > to be somehow HTML/CSS related too since some pages don't do this but
    > all of mine do. Any thoughts welcome.

    Just tested this with my FF19 and all worked as expected. Pages
    scrolled to proper place with SPACEBAR and clicking mouse in slider
    control. Oddly enough, although I can't quickly see anything out of the
    ordinary, *your* page completely bogged down FF19 to damn near unusable.
    Severe lag/unresponsiveness. Even leaving/coming back to that tab was
    sluggish. Other tabs were unaffected. My res for that screen is 1680 x
    1050. *Your* site was *not* sluggish in my GC27 where it also worked as
    expected. Weirdly, *your* site was slightly sluggish/jerkish but usable
    in Thunderbrowse (Mozilla) but the screen scrolling was off. Again, this
    was a much smaller viewing area (in Thunderbird) than full screen as above.

    p.s. The pageup/down keys did not work here at all (in either browser)
    but maybe it's something local.

    Registered Linux user #461062
    AMD64X2 6400+ Ubuntu 10.04 64bit
    Norman Peelman, Jan 22, 2014
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