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Discussion in 'Python' started by Dwight Hutto, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Dwight Hutto

    Dwight Hutto Guest

    I'm not sure whether or not this is a troll, but I'll bite.

    No, not a troll, I've been around these lists for a while, and a few
    wild arguments stemming from both my ego, and some other programmer's
    > If you're going to ask for people's opinions on your work, I would try to
    > keep the negativity in a list to zero.

    If a flame on you pops up, you sometimes fight fire with fire. There
    are a lot of things that get mixed up. Like maybe a personal reply
    instead of reply all, that everyone else missed, or didn't see another
    thread in which the argument started.

    I'm relatively new to this list and
    > the tirades that you've gone on have been childish at best.

    You haven't been on lists long enough then to have seen some real
    flame offense.

    Doing that and
    > then turning around and asking for useful feedback (if you're genuinely
    > looking for it) is not going to yield much.

    It does from those who I trust as not going to go into rants, such as
    I have, but mine are usually in response, and yes they do get nasty at

    > Now that that's over..
    > I couldn't get to your oDesk profile, got an empty page. That *could* be
    > caused by the dead zones that I'm hitting atm, but I gave up after a few
    > tries.

    It's there, and it's a starter portfolio for other freelance sites
    looking for work.
    > I then went to your website and here's what I can see from a glance. This
    > isn't meant to be harsh or slag you personally, but learn what you're doing
    > before you attempt to create a company to help others. If you *do* know what
    > you're doing, use your site to showcase that. Nobody will hire someone with
    > a business site like your current site:

    It's in a design phase, and I'm asking the local experts to critique
    it, and even be harsh.
    > * You have a bloated, 50+MB gif serving your page contents. That's just bad
    > for obvious reasons

    It was meant as more of a commercial to show a little more umph in my
    site presentation, and I'm working on reducing the size through
    several different means.
    > * There's no DOCTYPE declaration in your HTML.
    > * You have <div>s mixed in pre-<body>
    > * You don't have a <head> container

    Working on it buddy.

    > * You have embedded music. Not only is this a bad design choice from a UX
    > perspective, but it's also causing the client to load more

    I know this, and I'm trying to reduce it, but show something that's appealing.
    > * You have *no* SEO

    Not yet, and the graphic has no text for the web crawlers to parse,
    which I'm aware of, as well as no meta tags

    > * You have commented out HTML

    This is the design phase, and that will be removed.

    > * You don't have any design sense (not a personal attack, I don't have any
    > either).

    I kind of like my designs, and they're being refined through these

    > My suggestions:
    > * Take courses (free or paid) on web development. Udacity has a few good
    > ones.

    I like, and I know that it's a rough draft, and so
    should my critics.

    > * Apply your learnings to your site. Showcase what you can do and what you
    > know and what you can do.
    > * Look for a designer partner, someone who can make your work visually
    > appealing. The visuals are the first impression (after initial load times).

    I like to work alone, and his is an attempt to get others in the OS
    community to comment.

    > Now having said all of that, if this is a troll, I feel rather foolish.

    Only trolling for fish under the bridge...clients

    Best Regards,
    David Hutto
    Dwight Hutto, Oct 17, 2012
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