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Discussion in 'Python' started by Dwight Hutto, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Dwight Hutto

    Dwight Hutto Guest

    On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 2:06 AM, Demian Brecht <> wrote:
    >> This is my prototype portfolio for freelancing. If you have an honest
    >> critique, then what, in your opinion, am I good at?

    > I can't ascertain what your strengths are as I don't work with you on a daily basis (one of the many benefits of working with people smarter than you ;)).

    Doubt that, unless they have 160+ I.Q.'s(been seeing psychiatrists
    since I was 13). I'm very secure in my childlike intellectualism.
    > What I feel safe in assuming is that:
    > * You seemingly have a *want* to learn, which in itself is very important.

    Want to. I'm the most interdisciplinary learner you might have ever
    encountered in your life. Like you said, you don't know me that well,
    and this isn't intended to get mean...I just had to get honest with
    myself without that much ego.

    > * Your strength is not design. Using bevel and emboss (and a pattern here and there) does not constitute good design.

    It's simplicity within a symbolism, and now that I need money for
    medical reasons, the work I've done isn't perfect, but it's on par.

    I know when I see something aesthetically pleasing, and if I like what
    I have, I'm using the same mindset.

    If you're showcasing logo work, I hope you're ready to supply
    variations that can be used cross-medium.

    These are all portfolio sites of my own, and I'm slowly revising them,
    just like any other rough draft, and as you can tell I'm asking other
    people to critique it.

    > * You're not a game developer

    Not yet, but wait until you see a translated prototype from
    python/tkinter turned into blender. I'm fond of games, and I try to
    not mimic, but keep in the same realm of professional.

    Remember you're looking at rough drafts, and you haven't seen other

    (given what I've seen, I highly doubt that you can readily tackle the
    complexities in game development even in a team environment, let alone

    You mean a GDK with a story line, points, and scores with little cool
    graphics. Lowly doubt your opinion of that.

    > Don't lie (this includes stretching the truth).

    In which case have i lied. I'm capable of many things, and that's
    confidence, not arrogance.

    In doing so, you'll mismanage client expectations and simply drive any
    future prospective clients away. Under-promise, over-deliver ;)

    This I believe in somewhat, but I want to tell the client I can do it,
    and they're the final inspector who oversees the project. I just
    algorithm, develop, and deliver their expectations.

    > As to not flood the list with OT discussion, if you can stay away from the flame wars (I avoid such things, directly or indirectly as it's childish and entirely unprofessional),

    Defending yourself when attacked is a necessity. In business people
    will run over you, steal your ideas, and take advantage of you, and I
    can't let that happen in any forum, no matter how childish it can get.

    I don't mind answering questions here and there (just e-mail me
    directly). I'm not a genius or a guru, but I've had enough experience
    that I may be of some help in pointing you in the right directions if
    you're genuinely interested.

    I'm a lonely guy, and I like friends. I only flame up in hostile
    situations. So we can discuss this off list, and I'll accept any
    advice I acknowledge as being beneficial, and will argu a point I
    think is valid.

    Best Regards,
    David Hutto
    Dwight Hutto, Oct 17, 2012
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