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Discussion in 'HTML' started by dorayme, Nov 5, 2008.

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    In article <>,
    Cliff <HiJack-at-fidnet-dot-com> wrote:

    > I've tried to follow this group for awhile now. I've noticed that
    > some of you have very preferred ways and reasons to size fonts on web
    > sites. HTML or CSS.
    > It seems you don't like specific settings, but rather settings that
    > can vary with browser display size. I think you all have good
    > reasoning, but I can't remember which is best.
    > Right now, on most of my font settings, I use "Font=2, or 3 or 4."
    > etc. in the cases where I need to set my font size. I've going to be
    > going over most of my html files soon and that would be a good time to
    > change those settings to the better version.
    > What are your versions of the best way.
    > Cliff

    Here is a simple scheme and you won't go too far wrong.

    body {font-size: 100%;}

    There are default settings built into or used by browsers for even this
    and all the rest which you can rely on. The reason for setting the font
    size as above has more to do with a quirk in IE.

    Having established or accepted the main body text to be 100% (of the
    users preferred setting), you can then, if you wish, set a few other
    things to suit your purposes. You can use % or em for all else.

    I suggest picking things in the range of 1em to .85em (for foonotes, I
    guess you can go to .8em, but try not to go lower because you will
    inconvenience people). In general, try not to fiddle with text that has
    many lines and needs continuous reading, leave it to inherit the 100%.
    For navigational links .85em is often acceptable.

    Be spare in font-size declarations, there is no need to make many at
    all. There are many other things that you can do to make text nice and
    readable like line-height, font family, font-weight, color, background.
    Be spare with font-size declarations.

    dorayme, Nov 5, 2008
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