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Discussion in 'HTML' started by DU, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. DU

    DU Guest

    Margaret Bowler wrote:
    > If you go to using mozilla you will
    > notice that between the left area and the middle content area there is a
    > thin black line
    > this is cause (i think) by have a transparent background - ie the dots if
    > you look at in internet explorer, over another background
    > if anyone knows of a solution please help!

    Your webpage was designed at the time where NS 4 was used by a lot of
    people. I'm convinced this page design was never updated.

    That page has 43 tables, - forty three! - nested tables, an incredible
    amount of tables! I had to resort to a special user stylesheet to see
    the outlines.

    As it is, your page is unmanageable, impossible to upgrade without
    spending a lot of time figuring where starts this table/tr/td and where
    this other table/tr/td ends. <center>, <font> is also very frequently
    encountered: these are outdated elements, deprecated and not
    recommendable for hundreds of reasons I won't explicit here.

    Even the scripts are illogical. The function openticker(shref) is
    certainly not best as written.

    What you need here is first a new page design. If a 3 column design is
    what you want/need, then go for it with CSS design, not table design.

    Everywhere in your page code where you see for instance
    align=center (50 times)
    then you could replace this by 2 lines at most in a style sheet.
    width=100% for table and tds is repeated 97 times while tables with the
    attribute width=100% will try to render a 100px wide table, not a 100%
    (of its immediate parent) width: that's just 1 example of what
    validation does: it avoids mistakes. In any case, you don't need a
    single table (well, maybe 1) for your page.

    With a modern design, CSS coding and using valid markup, your page size
    could be easily reduce to 50% of what it is, download time could be
    improve by 33% or so (specially if you use .png images), your page could
    be parsed and rendered faster on 95% of all browsers in use out there
    and your page would be a lot easier to maintain, update, upgrade.

    I think for now you should forget the idea of trying to validate that
    page of yours and instead look for an entirely new design based on valid
    markup code, tableless design and CSS design.

    Look Ma, No Tables:

    CSS Tableless Web Sites:

    Open source Web design:

    Tables or CSS? Choosing a layout; CSS layout

    Javascript and Browser bugs:
    - Resources, help and tips for Netscape 7.x users and Composer
    - Interactive demos on Popup windows, music (audio/midi) in Netscape 7.x
    DU, Aug 1, 2003
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