Re: py2exe service and tool-tray app combined?

Discussion in 'Python' started by Brad Clements, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. On 14 Aug 2003 at 19:17, Thomas Heller wrote:

    > In the long run, this will be the wrong forum. I suggest
    > comp.lang.python (or should a py2exe mailing list be created?).
    > And I'm cc'ing to python-list.

    I think a py2exe specific mailing list would be best. You could probably just use one on
    SF like venster does.

    > > It's not clear from the project page what gets executed when the
    > > service .exe is run without -debug or -register.

    > Well, you can try it out. But IIRC, nothing useful will happen. The
    > service tries to start, but cannot because it cannot connect to the
    > service manager (or something like that).

    I hvaen't looked at the source yet, but perhaps it would be enough to 'emulate'
    win32serviceutil.HandleCommandLine like pythonservice.exe does.

    This way, a person could create a service using pythonservice.exe, and then package
    with py2exe without changing the code at all.

    And, in my case I could parse the command line before calling
    win32serviceutil.HandleCommandLine and do something different, like showing a
    tooltray app or something instead.

    > But I'm not sure it makes sense nowadays - win98 is history.

    ha ha, tell the customer!

    > Well, I have something for you. As time permits, I'm working on a new
    > py2exe using the zipimport of Python 2.3. Still very much work in
    > progress, and services are not yet supported, but it's already in CVS in a
    > sandbox subdirectory.

    That sounds good. So then all we'd need is changes to the packaging mechanism to
    group 'specified packages' into their own zip file external to the .exe, specify the order
    in which these .zip files get placed into sys.path, and have the .exe do this path
    munging when it starts.

    > Now, isn't this '.bnd' file mechanism also a nice idea for py2exe?

    Sure, its all nice, but maybe a bit overkill. Supports we just had 0 or more 'external'
    import zips stuck into sys.path in an order we desired.

    I'm assuming that packages have to completely fit into a single .zip. So upgrading
    would require putting the entire contents of the 'updated' package into a new .zip file
    that goes into the path before the old .zip

    In my use cases, I only need one (maybe 2) external .zips and I'd just upgrade the
    entire .zip in one shot. These will always be much smaller than anyway.

    Brad Clements, (315)268-1000 (315)268-9812 Fax AOL-IM: BKClements
    Brad Clements, Aug 14, 2003
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