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Discussion in 'Python' started by Dennis Lee Bieber, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. On Wed, 18 Jul 2012 09:58:55 +0800 (SGT), Maria Hanna Carmela Dionisio
    <> declaimed the following in

    > Im just a student :)
    > Our prof gave as a task that we need to make a program using python (for redhat) and c++(for windows)

    Wow... I'd have expected that to be the other way around...
    Installing Python on a Windows machine is simple, compared to obtaining
    C++ system (just finding the express [limited, free] edition of Visual
    C++ is a pain, and to use it requires registering with M$). In contrast,
    Linux systems typically include a C/C++ compiler... Though I suppose the
    school's Windows machines may have an educational discount and installed
    full versions (as I recall, the express edition of VC++ 2010 does not
    include the MFC library).

    > Our objective is to make a program file and we will said it remotely to another computer via network ( its easy and i could do it lolz)..

    Reading that as "send it remotely" (which I really take to mean
    "send it TO a remote computer"; "send it remotely" sounds like you are
    commanding one remote computer to send the file to another remote
    computer) gives a rather flexible answer -- FTP.

    > the hard part is the programming..that when the user click the file a box will prompt and ask for username and a password(even without a password) then the username that he inputted will add to the user account of his/her computer :DD

    Very confusing phrasing here, but I'm going to interpret this to
    mean that you are supposed to obtain the log-in credentials for the
    /remote/ computer (the one to which you are supposed to send the file)
    so that the file ends up in that user's account space.

    That you mention a "box will prompt" implies that the programs are
    supposed to use a graphical interface for both selection of the file to
    send and the account/password... In effect, a graphical FTP client that
    only sends files.

    For Python you'll have to determine which graphical library to use
    (Tkinter [interface to Tk]) is standard, but you can also obtain
    libraries to code using wxWindows, GTK, and Qt. These are all different
    graphical frameworks.

    For Windows, if using an express edition of VC++ you are likely
    forced to use the low-level win32 libraries; higher editions (VC++
    Professional) have the object-oriented MFC library.


    You should realize that no one with ethics is going to write your
    code for you. We will help you figure out what may be producing an error
    traceback given the traceback and the section of code producing the
    error -- but you will have to provide that code (preferably enough of it
    to duplicate the problem when we run it).
    Wulfraed Dennis Lee Bieber AF6VN
    Dennis Lee Bieber, Jul 19, 2012
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