Discussion in 'Python' started by Andy Jewell, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. Andy Jewell

    Andy Jewell Guest

    On Wednesday 09 Jul 2003 3:09 pm, wrote:

    Let me just see... ahhhem. Wait, no, sorry I just *can't* remember your IP
    address (or in fact if you've even got one) so I can't look at your
    hard-drive! ;-))

    Seriously though, you need to rephrase your question a bit... but I'll give it
    a go anyway...

    > What is python 2.1.1?

    1) Python is a (rather good) programming language. It can be used to write
    applications; any applications written in it also require the python system
    to be installed (or otherwise present) on your system.

    >How did it get on my computer?

    2) It got on your computer because it was installed by someone - prabably as
    part of an application you installed.

    >Is it a necessary program?

    3) Only if one of your cherished applications uses it ;-p

    > Can I safely delete it/remove it?

    4) You can safely remove it if you don't want the application that needs it.

    > If so how?

    5) Just rename the directory where you found it, and then test all the
    applications you want to keep. If one of them falls over in a heap, you'll
    know that Python was part of it ;-) and you can then rename it back to the
    original name. If nothing breaks, you can then safely delete it! (I'd wait a
    while, though).

    > I do not recall downloading it.

    7) Can't help you with that one. :-(

    >Does it come bundled with some other program? Maybe one of
    > my kids did it.

    8) Maybe, maybe; maybe not...

    >I do not see enough information on your site to make these
    > determinations.

    9) I think you probably mean that there's way too much information on the
    site, and you think it'd take you an absolute age to figure out how to make
    these 'determinations' :)

    >I have a Compaq 5184 with OEM Win 98 installed...I do not
    > ever recall seeing "python" in the programs.

    10) That's (almost) irrelevant, but Python is not part of Windows (98 or any

    >I have been having alot of problems with my computer lately and I am removing

    unecessary "junk"
    11) You'll be wanting to download Linux, then, I guess :p I recommend
    Mandrake Linux, but has a huge list of other flavours.

    > Thanks,
    > Matt

    Don't take offense; your post *did* have a slightly, er, narky tone though!
    Anyway, I'm off to bed as the Misses is due to give birth R.S.N and we need

    hope that helps
    Andy Jewell, Jul 10, 2003
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  2. Alan Gauld

    Alan Gauld Guest

    On Thu, 10 Jul 2003 00:01:02 +0100, Andy Jewell
    <> wrote:

    > >I have a Compaq 5184 with OEM Win 98 installed...I do not
    > > ever recall seeing "python" in the programs.=20

    This could be key since I seem to recall Digital (or was it HP?)
    using Python in some of their system configuration applications.
    Since Compaq swallowed Digital maybe your PC is of the right
    vintage to have those applications installed... If you do rename
    the directory don't forget to try the Compaq system tweaking
    utilities before deleting it!

    Alan G.

    Alan g.
    Alan Gauld, Jul 10, 2003
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