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Discussion in 'Java' started by Jeremy, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. Jeremy

    Jeremy Guest

    I'm a student right now (a senior) and I can tell you, college is not a
    waste of time. Even if not necessarily for the education (although a formal
    CompSci education is much different and, despite the dumb hoops you have to
    jump through, useful in the real world), college life seems like an
    important experience which I would recommend to anyone who has the
    opportunity. Not only are you more likely to get a good job and a higher
    salary with a degree, but college is where you meet friends (you probably
    aren't going to keep in touch with most of your friend from high school),
    experience real romance, experiment with sex, drugs, and rock n' roll, and
    all in a convenient place where your parents aren't around, and yet you're
    not really "in the real world" yet. If I could have gotten a $100k/yr job
    right out of high school (I couldn't have, but hypothetically :) I would
    still be glad I decided to go. So there's two cents from a satisfieds

    I have many friends who have gotten their degrees and are having a blast
    working their dream jobs (Game programming... that's the dream :) and I
    also have some others who opted for the
    "tech-support-right-outta-high-school" route. Fixing stupid people's broken
    computers gets old really fast, and it's not easy to get a real programming
    job (php doesn't count) without a formal computer science education. My
    opinion is, get a degree and get a job that you can enjoy for years to come.


    "happyrav" <> wrote in message
    > For those of you who work as programmers, what is your opinion of
    > college education vs. self education? Does it come down to convincing
    > an employer to hire you by showing him some programs you wrote?
    > I want to get a job programming ASAP without wasting the next 4-5
    > years of my life going to college.
    > I learned enough about computers on my own to have been doing tech
    > support for the last 4 years, sometimes making more money than my
    > parents, with only a high school diploma. Am I just lucky, or can you
    > still make it in the Industry with out a time consuming degree?
    Jeremy, Jun 27, 2003
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