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Discussion in 'Python' started by Mark Janssen, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. Mark Janssen

    Mark Janssen Guest

    > At least partially, my confusion seems to be caused by the dichotomy of
    > the concepts of copyright and license. How do these relate to each other?

    A license emerges out of the commercial domain is purely about
    commercial protections. A copyright comes from the "academic" domain
    is pure about protecting your "intellectual property", or non-physical
    creations (most from encroachment of the commercial domain, by the
    way). They are on opposite ends of the spectrum, but because of our
    bi-polar system the terms get used as synonyms .

    In a way they are not related and it all depends on what court would
    listen to the case. In a German court, you would almost certainly be
    tried under the commercial framework, In the US, in theory (and this
    is where it must be pushed to enforce the people), it *should* be the
    opposite if the court is doing its job of upholding the Constitution.

    You use a license when you want to authorize use of something you own
    in a commercial setting. You use copyright when you're protecting
    authorship of something and have not given it away (something you
    never really want to do anyway).

    > I understand that I have to pick a license for my package.

    You actually do not. Attaching a legal document is purely a secondary
    protection from those who would take away right already granted by US

    > And may be
    > I'm not free to pick any open source license due the license used by
    > Secret Labs AB. But how does that relate to the copyright statements?

    The thing, like I noted, is that they've already released the code
    into the public eye. Now you must only do your due diligence to
    honor the *spirit* of their intent. And that spirit, regardless of
    whether they made it explicit, is almost certainly for non-commercial
    (non-profit) use.

    > Should I put my own copyright line in every source file in the package?

    I would put it as a separate file in the package as well as a comment
    line in each file referring to your file.

    > How about the file that re-uses portions of Can there or
    > should there be two copyright lines in that file, one from Secret Labs,
    > one my own?

    Show (c) YourName, Secret Labs and carry-forward any additional usage
    terms from them.

    Tacoma, Washington
    Mark Janssen, Jun 9, 2013
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