Re: running multiple django/bottle instances

Discussion in 'Python' started by andrea crotti, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Not really, on the staging server we are using the django/bottle webserver..

    Anyway I was thinking that a great possible solution might be to set
    up something like buildbot to:
    - checkout all the needed branches

    - run the various servers for all of them on different ports, where maybe the
    mapping port-branch is set from somewhere

    - run all the unit tests for them and make the results available

    With a similar configuration we would probably be very happy already,
    anyone doing something similar?

    2013/1/7 Michel Kunkler <>:
    > As you are certainly running a production server like Apache, your problem
    > is actually not Python related.
    > If you want to run your applications on different ports, take a look on e.g.
    > Apaches virtual host configurations.
    > Am 03.01.2013 17:35, schrieb Andrea Crotti:
    >> I'm working on a quite complex web app that uses django and bottle
    >> (bottle for the API which is also restful).
    >> Before I came they started to use a staging server to be able to try out
    >> things properly before they get published, but now we would like to have
    >> the possibility to see multiple branches at a time.
    >> First we thought about multiple servers, but actually since bottle and
    >> django can be made to run on different ports, I thought why not running
    >> everything on one server on different ports?
    >> We also use elasticsearch and couchdb for the data, but these two
    >> don't change that much and can just be a single instance.
    >> So what would be really great could be
    >> staging_server/branch_x
    >> staging_server/branch_y
    >> and something keeps track of all the various branches tracked, and run
    >> or keeps running bottle/django on different ports for the different
    >> branches.
    >> Is there something in the wonderful python world which I could bend to
    >> my needs?
    >> I'll probably have to script something myself anyway, but any
    >> suggestions is welcome, since I don't have much experience with web
    >> stuff..

    andrea crotti, Jan 7, 2013
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