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Discussion in 'C++' started by Arthur T. Murray, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. "Mark Browne" <> wrote on Wed, 17 Sep 2003:

    > Arthur,

    > The first person

    Or it may be a team.

    > to create a full functional Artificial Intelligence will
    > have to solve all levels, from the simple low level calculation
    > units through the high level organization and information coding.

    ATM: - Dr. Ben Goertzel & Co. - are a team to watch,
    with their Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) Research Institute. is the AGI mail list.

    > The neural network system seem to be the best method for low level
    > functions. The work shown in the late David Marrs book "Vision"
    > does an excellent job of showing how mid level functions may be
    > organized, explored, and represented. I have not seen a similar
    > method for organizing the high level functionality. I have read
    > much of what you have published on the internet. While I disagree
    > with much of what you are doing, your "top level down" approach
    > has given me much to think about in my own explorations of cognition.
    > Reading through your material has allowed me to gain experience
    > with the scope of what is needed, and given some insight in what
    > will be required. Perhaps you are the only person in the field
    > working at this level today.

    Much work by others may be secret, or at least private.

    [ snippage of suggestions and remarks noted with thanks ]

    > I would like to see you correct some of the difficult areas and
    > move forward. Your successes would clearly be everyone's gain.

    Since my own efforts are so slow and tedious, recently I
    have begun a parallel campaign of using XYZ AI Weblogs to
    encourage coders in "XYZ" programming languages to build AI Minds: -- C++ with new AI code; -- Mind.JAVA #1 & #2; -- Lisp AI Weblog; -- first Perl module; -- Prolog AI Weblog; -- Python AI Weblog; -- Ruby AI Blog (OO AI); -- Scheme AI Weblog; -- see "Mind.VB #001" link.

    > [...] We are all working for much the same goals,
    > with each coming at it from their own directions,
    > and with their own motivations.

    Now with each programming-language "XYZ AI Weblog" I am trying a
    new (hey! it just dawned on me that "now" and "new" share a sense)
    tack of putting each dynamically powerful weblog out there as an
    attractor to programmers rather than my strident, chaotic self.

    Each XYZ AI Weblog focuses everything that I can find, pertaining
    to artificial intelligence in the particular programming language.
    The process of the fruition of these weblogs will take years or
    decades to observe, but some of them are now out on the 'Net in
    quadruplicate, that is, redundantly secure at four Web domains.

    As they say in French, "L'effort continue," but now there are
    about twenty parallel tracks of instigation of AI efforts in
    the twenty programming languages for which AI weblogs now exist.

    > Thank you for making the effort.

    It is very nice of you to say that; you are welcome.

    > Mark Browne

    Arthur T. Murray
    -- -- Standards in AI -- AI Textbook; -- Goertzel on Mentifex; - ACM SIGPLAN: Mind.Forth
    Arthur T. Murray, Sep 17, 2003
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