Re: subprocess call is not waiting.

Discussion in 'Python' started by Jean-Michel Pichavant, Sep 13, 2012.

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    > I have a which tries to download a data from a remote
    > server using HTAR. I put the call in a while loop, which tests to
    > see if the download was successful, and if not, loops back around up
    > to five times, just in case my internet connection has a hiccup.
    > is supposed to wait.
    > But it doesn't work as intended. The loop quickly runs 5 times,
    > starting a new htar command each time. After five times around, my
    > program tells me my download failed, because the target file doesn't
    > yet exist. But it turns out that the download is still
    > happening---five times.
    > When I run htar from the shell, I don't get a shell prompt again
    > until after the download is complete. How come control is returned
    > to python before the htar command is through?
    > I've tried using Popen with wait and/or communicate, but no waiting
    > ever happens. This is troublesome not only because I don't get to
    > post process my data, but because when I run this script for
    > multiple datasets (checking to see whether I have local copies), I
    > quickly get a "Too many open files" error. (I began working on that
    > by trying to use Popopen with fds_close, etc.)
    > Should I just go back to os.system?
    > --

    A related subset of code would be useful.

    You can use subprocess.PIPE to redirect stdout & stderr et get them with communicate, something like:

    proc = subprocess.Popen(['whatever'], stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
    stdout, stderr = proc.communicate()
    print stdout
    print stderr

    Just by looking at stdout and stderr, you should be able to see why htar is returning so fast.


    PS : if you see nothing wrong, is it possible that htar runs asynchronously ?
    Jean-Michel Pichavant, Sep 13, 2012
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