RE: system tray or notification area in python

Discussion in 'Python' started by Prasad, Ramit, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Daniel Fetchinson wrote:

    > >> Hi folks,
    > >>
    > >> I'm using a stand alone window manager without gnome or kde or any
    > >> other de. But I still would like to have a system tray or notification
    > >> area and so far used stalonetray for this. Stalonetray is written in C
    > >> and is a GTK application, works all right but sometimes it doesn't.
    > >> For instance if it is killed and restarted icons don't come back, etc,
    > >> etc, there are some quirks.
    > >>
    > >> So I thought I would write a brand new stand alone system tray or
    > >> notification area in python. I guess I need to use gtk bindings or
    > >> some such but don't really know what my options are.
    > >>
    > >> Where would I start something like this?
    > >> Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!
    > >>

    > > Why not look at the source code of the current app your using to get
    > > an idea how that application accomplishes said task?

    > I actually did that already it's using the C bindings of gtk.
    > You might ask you I'm not modifying the code in order to achieve what
    > I want, well, the answer is that I'd much rather prototype something
    > like this in python than work immediately with gtk from C.
    > But I have zero experience with gui programming in python. So any
    > pointers would be much appreciated how toimplement a system tray in
    > python. Gtk is I guess just one option, one could use other stuff from
    > python but I wouldn't know what thesimplest approach is.

    I have used wxpython and thought it was powerful and reasonably easy
    to use. I have no experience with other Python frameworks but I know
    wxpython is a popularchoice and I would guess it has an active community.

    That is my two cents (or lowest denomination currency for your locale).


    > > You could always use raw X11 libs but leveraging something like Gtk or
    > > Qt/KDE would probably be much easier.



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    Prasad, Ramit, Oct 16, 2012
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