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Discussion in 'HTML' started by dorayme, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. dorayme

    dorayme Guest

    In article <>,
    "Jeff" <> wrote:

    > hi
    > The effects of my css isn't applied to the page, thinks this is related to
    > page not finding my css or there is something wrong with my css.
    > below you see both my html and my css. The layout.css file is included in
    > the subfolder \css.
    > html:
    > <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
    > "">
    > <html xmlns="" lang="en-US" xml:lang="en-US">
    > <head>
    > <title>test</title>
    > <link href="css/layout.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
    > </head>
    > <body>
    > <div id="header">
    > header
    > </div>
    > <table style="width:100%">
    > <tr>
    > <td style="width:160px; background-color:#ddeecc;">left</td>
    > <td style="background-color:#ddccee;">middle</td>
    > <td style="width:350px; background-color:#cc11cc;">right</td>
    > </tr>
    > </table>
    > <div style="width:100%; background-color:#eeccdd;">
    > footer
    > </div>
    > </body>
    > </html>
    > css:
    > body { margin:0px; font-family:Arial, Verdana, Sans-Serif; font-size:12px;
    > color:Black; background-color:Yellow; }
    > #header
    > {
    > background-color:yellow;
    > width:100%;
    > }
    > any suggestions?

    A URL would be useful plus a description, or better a screenshot,
    of what is not showing up.

    But before doing so, consider a few things. Why are you are
    putting width:100% on your divs, they have no borders, margins or
    paddings and so by default will fill up 100% of the space of the
    divs' containing block's content area (in this case body)?

    What is the special #header id doing? The only style you reveal
    is background color but why? You have already told the containing
    body to be yellow, divs are transparent by default and the body
    will show through.

    Why are you giving an inline style to some things and not others.
    Sometimes there are reasons, sometimes there are not. What are
    your motives here?

    Why are using "Yellow" here and "yellow" there?

    Or is all the above not really the mark up you have?

    dorayme, Mar 19, 2010
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  2. dorayme wrote:

    > A URL would be useful plus a description, or better a screenshot,
    > of what is not showing up.

    Maybe we shouldn't reply at all to messages complaining about something not
    working, without giving the URL of that something.

    > But before doing so, consider a few things.

    I don't think so. People should post the URL without being asked. The odds
    are that they don't get the idea even when asked to.

    Jukka K. Korpela, Mar 19, 2010
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