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Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by Steve Drake, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. Steve Drake

    Steve Drake Guest

    do you need all the data every time?

    if you split the calls up could you run them async?

    are you sharing the http connection?

    are you using NTLM auth? this creates more trips, https and plaintext pass
    creates less trips but more data, but... if you have a very high PING
    response time https can be quicker.

    could you cache? 99.9% of apps can cache data, if you dont, i will look at

    IIS can compress data, I think its on by default but I am not sure if
    webserivces make use of it? maybe someone else knows this.

    when I say cache, I mean both ends (client and server), if you cache in the
    webserivces it may use iis kernal mode cache (as it does for page output
    cache) which is VERY fast. (off course, the data size problem will still

    if you do one big REQ, vs lots of small reqs, if you run one small reg after
    each other it will be the same, if you do small req async then its going to
    be faster (in most cases)

    if you are testing on a local windows xp pc or 2000 workstation then iis
    will only process about 10 request at a time.


    "dinoo" <> wrote in message
    > Hi, I am posting this here as I might receive reply from here.
    > I am having a strange problem in webservices.
    > Initially we had an application which use to make about 15 different

    webservice calls to load one windows form.
    > We decided to make it one and now we are calling one webmethod.
    > This webmethod has the implementation of getting all the data in one shot.
    > But we are running in a problem that the data which is being transfered in

    new application is going around 1 MB. And thus even if we compare the old
    application with the new application the performance improvement is null.
    > I know i could use soap extension to compress and decompress the data

    being passed between client and server.
    > But i could not understand why there is no performance gain in getting

    all the data in one shot in current case.
    > I am testing this application on local machine. But still i feel i should

    get some performance benefit.
    > Can anybody point out what should be remedy for this?
    > I went through the msdn aricle on the checklist for the webservice

    performance improvement. But I feel as both the application using the same
    architecture, I should receive some performance gain in new application.
    > Please help.
    > Thanks
    > Dinoo
    Steve Drake, Jul 5, 2004
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