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Discussion in 'XML' started by Diego TERCERO, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. Mathieu Blondel wrote:
    > Hi all !
    > I've decided to use XML for my website and I would like to find a search
    > engine that is able to take advantage of the (semantic) markup I use to
    > structure my content. That is : I want to give more importance to the
    > key words marked up in my documents and also to my metadata.
    > Are native xml databases the answer to my problem ?
    > Thanks for your help.

    Native?... sure.
    Free? Not so sure... maybe.

    I've built search engines with TextmlServer from Ixiasoft.

    Although it's a solution that offers impressive performances, I don't
    think it's suited for personal purposes.

    The server is based upon the principle of creating indexes (string,
    numeric, date, word indexes) on elements. For each index you define you
    say what element you are reffering to using XPath.

    Then the server builds an index file, where you can automatically bind
    ignore words list, etc. Ther is a COM+ and a Java API.

    The API includes a series of tools for searching purposes (such as
    inserting custom tags for highlighting matches when a document is found).

    The classic scenario we have buit solutions is like this :

    1. A PHP/ASP page contains a search form (ASP/PHP) with combos and boxes
    for several criterias,
    2. When you validate the form, a query is built by translating selected
    criterias into index crtiterias within the query
    3. A searh is performed on the server
    4. A set of XML documents is returned
    5. Highlighting (insertion of custom XML elements) is done based on
    searched expression
    6. An XSL stylesheet is applied on each XML document returning an HTML
    7. HTML document is shown

    I've always had very good results. But may not be a solution suited for
    personal purposes given its price.
    Diego TERCERO, Apr 9, 2004
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