Re: [Zope-dev] Zope 2.7 running with Stackless 3.0

Discussion in 'Python' started by Shane Hathaway, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. Christian Tismer wrote:
    > Stackless 3.0 does all of it, whatever is possible.
    > That means, you can switch whatever, even extension
    > C code with Python callbacks. But cooperative code
    > can switch faster.

    I'm very happy to hear you've forged onward. I was concerned you had
    given up.

    >> But Zope has a lot of reentrant code, especially in Acquisition and
    >> ZODB. Doesn't that prevent Zope from taking advantage of Stackless
    >> continuations?

    > No continuations, tasklets. :)

    Did you switch the terminology? Where can I read about Stackless 3.0?

    For the uninitiated: Stackless lets a Python program break out of the
    rigid constraints of a simple stack. It lets Python code manipulate its
    own execution. It provides new solutions to problems like threading,
    debugging, network communication, etc. It's a very interesting shift.

    BTW, here's one avenue you might pursue, Christian: Python IDEs. When I
    wrote the debugger for Boa Constructor, I hit a big wall. Since Python
    is a dynamic language, one would expect to be able to pause the
    execution of a function, change the function, and resume execution with
    new code--never skipping a beat. But CPython makes this nearly
    impossible. I imagine Stackless would provide an answer for this. If
    it does, get in contact with ActiveState, Secret Labs, or the Wing IDE
    folks and tell them you can make their debugger twice as good as any
    other. Just an idea.

    Shane Hathaway, Aug 28, 2003
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  2. Michael Geary wrote:


    > As much as like Python, I *really* miss the Edit and Continue feature from
    > Visual C++. It's truly liberating to be able to change my code right in the
    > midst of debugging it, with all its state preserved. I often write a
    > skeleton for a function, start it up, and then finish coding it while I'm
    > running it.

    There is the general Python problem, that a running frame does
    not exactly know about its function object. There is only a name
    and a filename available in the code object, and the code object
    is the only thing a frame knows about.
    I think to propose a PEP about this.

    > Even short of that, none of the Python debuggers I've tried support a Set
    > Next Statement command like Visual C++ does. That itself is mighty useful.
    > Maybe Stackless would make it possible to support this?

    In most cases Stackless could do that.
    Given a reliable way to deduce the module/function from a frame
    (see above), it would be possible to edit the function, create
    a new code object, and create a new frame.

    not-a-task-for-this-weekend-anyway -- ly 'yrs - chris

    p.s.: Please Delete.This. - we are all fighting SPAM.

    Christian Tismer :^) <mailto:>
    Mission Impossible 5oftware : Have a break! Take a ride on Python's
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    Christian Tismer, Aug 29, 2003
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  3. "Michael Geary" <> writes:

    > Even short of that, none of the Python debuggers I've tried support a Set
    > Next Statement command like Visual C++ does. That itself is mighty useful.
    > Maybe Stackless would make it possible to support this?

    pdb in Python 2.3 has this feature. It has some limitations, but it's


    If you're talking "useful", I'm not your bot.
    -- Tim Peters, 08 Nov 2001
    Michael Hudson, Aug 29, 2003
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