Release of JOGRE 0.2.2

Discussion in 'Java' started by, Oct 3, 2005.

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    Another version of JOGRE (Java Online Gaming Real-time Engine - has been released, Alpha 0.2.2. This
    release does not add much new functionality, but a great deal of
    refactoring was done to most parts of JOGRE. The greatest refactoring
    was on the communication protocol which is much slimer and easier to
    understand. A new document "protocol.htm" now exists on the website
    which outlines the JOGRE communication protocol in detail. A list of
    all the new functionality / refactors are in this release as follows:

    - There exists a global build file for compiling API, Games and Server
    (in that order). This will make building all of jogre very quick and

    - New game Reversi by Ugnich Anton.

    - Scaling of interfaces has been updated by Alex Torkhov.

    - First pass at internationalisation by Alex Torkhov.
    Refactored start () method from JogreModel to JogreController.

    - Major cleanup of communication objects by removing attributes from
    abstract Comm classes e.g. Removed gameID from as
    this is set in the ServerConnectionThread when a client sucessfully
    connects. Communication is much leaner. e.g. Refactored CommTableAction
    into a number of easier to understand classes such as CommSitDown,
    CommStartGame, etc.

    - Changed architecture from 3 layers to 2 (no base layer). Deleted
    CommBaseMessage class and refactored most of attributes and methods
    into the CommGameMessage class. Delegation between the server/client
    threads is done by detecting the existance of a "table" attribute.

    - New abstract ServerController class which removes redundant server
    interfaces (IGameParser & ITableParser). The methods from these two
    interfaces are now empty adapter methods. This class also contains
    property methods which mirror that of the client JogreController. The
    ServerGameParser and ServerTableParser classes still exist but have
    been renamed to ServerTableController & ServerGameController.

    - A new document "protocol.htm" has been released on the website. This
    should encourage others to creates clients for a JOGRE server e.g.
    (JOGRE for Mobile phone clients).
    , Oct 3, 2005
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