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Discussion in 'Python' started by Barry Warsaw, Jun 30, 2003.

  1. Barry Warsaw

    Barry Warsaw Guest

    Python 2.3b2 is the second beta release of Python 2.3. There have be a
    slew of fixes since the first beta, and a few new "features". Our goal
    is to have a final Python 2.3 release by early August, so we encourage
    lots of testing for this beta. Highlights since beta 1 include:

    - IDLEfork has been merged in and now replaces the old IDLE.

    - The Windows installer now ships with Tcl/Tk 8.4.3.

    - list.index() has grown optional `start' and `end' arguments.

    - A new C-only API function PyThreadState_SetAsyncExc() which can be
    used to interrupt threads by sending them exceptions.

    - Python programs can enter the interactive prompt at program exit by
    setting the PYTHONINSPECT environment variable.

    - Many new doctest improvements, including the ability to write doctest
    based unit tests.

    - New and improved documentation for writing new types in C that
    participate in cyclic garbage collection.

    There is at least one known bug: we have seen crashes on both Windows
    and Linux with certain interactions between test_logging and
    test_bsddb3. We intend to fix this for the next release.

    For more highlights, see

    Other new stuff since Python 2.2:

    - Many new and improved library modules, e.g. sets, heapq, datetime,
    textwrap, optparse, logging, bsddb, bz2, tarfile,
    ossaudiodev, and a new random number generator based on the highly
    acclaimed Mersenne Twister algorithm (with a period of 2**19937-1!).

    - New builtin enumerate(): an iterator yielding (index, item) pairs.

    - Extended slices, e.g. "hello"[::-1] returns "olleh".

    - Universal newlines mode for reading files (converts \r, \n and \r\n
    all into \n).

    - Source code encoding declarations. (PEP 263)

    - Import from zip files. (PEP 273 and PEP 302)

    - FutureWarning issued for "unsigned" operations on ints. (PEP 237)

    - Faster list.sort() is now stable.

    - Unicode filenames on Windows.

    - Karatsuba long multiplication (running time O(N**1.58) instead of

    If you have an important Python application, we strongly recommend that
    you try it out with a beta release and report any incompatibilities or
    other problems you may encounter, so that they can be fixed before the
    final release. To report problems, use the SourceForge bug tracker:

    Barry Warsaw, Jun 30, 2003
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