Replacing the POD "User Contributed Perl Documentation" page title

Discussion in 'Perl Misc' started by Dave Hammond, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. Dave Hammond

    Dave Hammond Guest

    Hi All,

    I'd like to replace the standard "User Contributed Perl Documentation"
    page title with something which more accurately describes the
    documentation. In this case, the code being documented is not user
    contributed, it is internal to our organization. Something like "XYZ
    Internal Documentation" would be more appropriate.

    I've read the perldpodspec and perldoc man pages, and scanned through
    the perldoc script, but I see nothing which indicates where the page
    title comes from or how to override it.

    Any pointers to how the default page title can be overridden would be


    Dave H.
    Dave Hammond, Jan 5, 2006
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  2. Dave Hammond

    Dave Hammond Guest

    Ok, I've dug a bit deeper and found that the page title string is
    generated by the Pod::Man module which is called when perldoc invokes
    pod2man. Pod2man takes a -c option to change the "center" object,
    which specifies the center page title. Unfortunately, perldoc doesn't
    provide a method of passing "-c" to pod2man.

    It seems to me that my options are to call pod2man directly (which will
    be a chore, since our documentation is embedded within the actual perl
    scripts), or to make a local copy of perldoc and insert a "-c" in the
    pod2man command line.

    Dave H.
    Dave Hammond, Jan 5, 2006
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  3. Dave Hammond

    Dave Hammond Guest

    That's a cool resolution, thanks. Of course, I didn't find it myself
    because the version of perldoc I was looking at was ancient (as
    distributed with perl 5.8.0). In the interrum, I hacked my own "-c"
    (center) option into the version of perldoc that we run. I'll probably
    run with that for now, although in the long run the right course is to
    upgrade Perl. But in our shop that's a task, as it will force an
    upgrade to all production servers, which means validating our entire
    code suite on the new version (probably a man-week of time better spend

    -Dave H.
    Dave Hammond, Jan 6, 2006
  4. Dr.Ruud

    Dr.Ruud Guest

    [OT] quoting (was: Re: Replacing the POD "User Contributed Perl Documentation" page title)

    Dave Hammond:
    > That's a cool resolution

    For Dave Hammond and everybody else with "User-Agent: G2/#.#":

    "How can I automatically quote the previous message
    when I post a reply?"

    See also:

    What's good 'netiquette' when posting to Usenet?

    But Google needs you to vote for 'Default quoting of
    previous message in replies'

    Affijn, Ruud

    "Gewoon is een tijger."
    Dr.Ruud, Jan 7, 2006
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