Repost: VB Master-Details Edit (Separate Pages), Response Redirect to Master Page Databinding Help..

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by Sam, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. Sam

    Sam Guest

    Sorry to post the same post multiple times but the URL Addresses were
    not Correct in Earlier Posts.

    Here are the correct URL's:

    1) Run It URL is here:

    2) View Source Code URL'S:

    Master Page:

    Detail Page Edit:


    My intention is this:
    for Example, in (GridViewMasterDetailsInsertPage_vb.aspx) in
    DropDownList1 user selects State = "NY", Gridview1 filters only shows
    records from "NY", they click 'Edit' button to invoke

    I would like to see that after they select 'Update' or 'Cancel' from
    Detail page, Master Page (GridViewMasterDetailsInsertPage_vb.aspx)
    Gridview1 should show only records from State = "NY". Because this is
    the Orginial selection prior to calling (DetailsViewEdit_vb.aspx).

    If so, what will be the Command or Commands and where they will be
    issued? Master or Detail Page? Currently Gridview1 as well as
    Dropdownlist is showing null in Master Page after response redirect
    from Detail Page.

    In Summary I would like to see after response redirect from Detail
    Page, Master Page Dropdown list and Gridview1 should not be Null. It
    should have the same values prior to calling Detail Page..

    I admit I am new to Asp.Net but I must need to start somewhere. I have
    been struggling to resolve this issue since past 2 days...Any Help will
    be sincerely appreciated...



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    Sam, Jul 20, 2006
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