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Discussion in 'ASP .Net Web Services' started by Tim Reynolds, May 25, 2005.

  1. Tim Reynolds

    Tim Reynolds Guest

    I just reloaded my pc with XP Pro from W2000. I had to reload all my
    software as well. Here is the one last problem. One web service I use does
    IBM MQ activity. In the past, the web service had no permission issues with
    this. Now, I get a 2035 user authorization. The MQ Cluster is on a remote
    machine. On this remote machine, I can see in the event viewer the message
    that 'aspnet' entity lacks the authority to connect. Thus, apparently, my
    web service is running under the aspnet iD. Under my old configuration, it
    must not have been, b/c nothing has been changed on the remote server. If
    aspnet doesn't have permission now to connect to MQ object, it didn't
    previously. So, I believe that I used to run the web service under an ID
    authorized to do this MQ work. I also have XP Pro on my home PC and have no
    problems using the same web service. I have went into IIS and make the
    settings on my work PC identical to those on my home PC,but each time I run
    from work PC- it goes with 'aspnet' id and fails MQ authorization. The
    settings I have in IIS under default web site - properties - Directory
    Security - (first edit button) - Anonymous access is checked and User name is
    IUSR_HOME-SCHOOL1 and Allow IIS to control password. I also have
    integrated windows authentication checked.

    Under my virutal directory properties in IIS, under Direcotry Security -
    (first edit) I also have integrated windows authentication checked. I have
    made various attempts with different combinations here and previous page.

    On my home PC (where this works correctly), ASPNET is a member of USERS &
    IUSR_HOME-SCHOOL1 is a members of GUEST group. I have set up these the same
    on my work PC. All to no avail. I am frustrated, because under my old W2K
    setup at work (where I sign in as a domain user in Administrator group on my
    computer) and at home (where I sign is a local user in Administrator group),
    I was/am able to run the webservice under some - non-ASPNET id - although I
    don't konw what it is, but is has proper authority. I need that set up the
    same on my work Pc now.

    Please help.

    Tim Reynolds, May 25, 2005
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