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    Hi All,

    I got a problem. The application is written on C# for the regular IE and for
    the Mobile device, the initial page checks for a remote browser version and
    redirects to a required subset. It's easy.

    The same application with the same settings works fine on a regular IE, but
    it causes the problems on a mobile device. I can return a few pages back,
    then press a button on the returned page and get the following message:

    Server Error in
    The page requires session state that is no longer available. Either the
    session has expired, the client didn not sent a valid session cookie, or the
    session state history is too small. Try increasing the history size or
    session expiry limit.

    I repeat that the same application but with regular page controls works fine
    on usual XP, but almost the same pages cause a problem on the mobile device.
    What is the easiest solution? I tried to allow cookies, I tried to add these
    strings to the Web.Config:


    If these strings are uncommented the application doesn't start at all
    showing the error in these strings. All these configuration settings are
    stolen from the Internet examples and theretically should work fine but they
    don't. Is is a physical limitation of the Mobile Device that I'm using? The
    same aplication works fine if I don't use the BackSpace button to go back.


    I also tried to hide the error page and substitute my own htm page using
    these settings in Web.Config:

    <error statusCode="500"

    It doesn't work if I use the short relative URL like APPError.htm or
    /APPError.htm or the full absolute URL. Why? Mobile problems?

    Just D, Jun 3, 2004
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