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Discussion in 'Perl Misc' started by news reader, Mar 25, 2006.

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    Does anoone of you know if there is already a simple application doing
    something like this.
    I would enhance / tune the missing features, but would like to avoid to
    start from scratch or to start from something, that has far too many
    features and is difficult to setup.

    Usecase: a group sheet as collabortation tool.

    Currently we're having a simple Excel file with one table and about 10
    The process of downloading the table, modifying one or two entries and
    uploading it again is not very efficient. Especially if multiple users
    could try to modify different rows at the same time.

    The table / sheet should be modifiable by any member.
    (security is no issue, the data is non critical, the DB contains no
    other data, the server could only be accessed by authorized users)

    I thought, that having a MYSQL table with a simple web front end (PHP or
    perl CGI) would be a nice idea.

    PhPMyAdmin looks a little too complex and does not do exactly what I need.


    filtering entries (pregenerated filters)
    it should be possible to choose a 'where' conditions.
    The idea would be to select pregenerated 'where' conditions from a list
    (and perhaps even to enter conditions manually

    selectable columns (pregenerated column views)
    It should be possible to select which columns should be displayed.
    (A list box should contain certain pre-created combinations of column

    It should be possible to sort by columns (e.g. like in phpMyAdmin when
    clicking on a column title)

    Sorting by onbly one columns should be fine

    editing a cell/row while having the default table view

    The look and feel of editing should be as close as possible to editing
    an Excel spread sheet. (no formatting needed, no formulas needed, only
    text and number entries)

    Whether updates occur after every cell change or only when confirming a
    row change is not that important.

    very basic collision detection

    Very basic collision detection would be enough as described here:
    When two users try to change the same table row at the same time, then
    the user who 'submitted' first will win and the other one will get a

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions and bye

    news reader, Mar 25, 2006
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  2. > Does anoone of you know if there is already a simple application doing
    > something like this.

    Have you looked at ?

    I can't do without it !

    Julia De Silva, Mar 25, 2006
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