slightly OT: BUT NEEDs to be said

Discussion in 'Python' started by Anonymous, Apr 5, 2004.

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    Hi I downloaded this document about Python recently:

    I loved the cute little Snake graphic.

    I think it would be great for behind Python to adopt this
    as an official mascot and DROP the god awful references to Monty Pythons's
    Flying Circus. It is the later which is causing a slow take up and reluctance
    of many individuals using Python. MPFC is a very very dated concept and because
    of it's strange whacky 'humour' has dubious extreme and loony left wing allegiences
    is not a good backdrop for Python. You should never bring politics into your
    product. Understand that in the UK a lot of people don't find MPFC amusing,
    and many of the 'comedians' have become extremely dispised (like Michael Palin
    who is universally recognised as a figure of great nauseum) and have become
    objects of ridicule.

    Let me put it this way Python as a languge and product is *damaged* by the
    references littered everywhere to MPFC. It colours the experience of it and
    when I think what scripting language shall I use to get x task done I think
    Python could do that and then oh no I'm not paying homage to the ghastly awful
    MPFC shit which I hate and will use Perl or PHP instead which are considerably
    more artistically 'neutral'

    I quite like Python as a language (apart from the tabbing replacing curly brackets
    which I'm not sure about) and think it stands up well to Perl and PHP but I
    cannot abide the nauseating, puke enducing, gut-wrenching, toe-curling references
    to Monty Python's shitty flying circus which is very much part of the *past*
    of an era in British comedy and should not be part of any software package's

    Please adopt the cute Python graphic as your official logo and mascot which
    works much better because it conjures up a *much more* positive metaphor of
    a powerfully slippery creature wrapping itself round numbers and strings etc.

    Anonymous, Apr 5, 2004
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