Some Results from Trying to Cheat py2exe

Discussion in 'Python' started by Michael Peuser, Aug 16, 2003.

  1. Hi,
    I tried to reduce the size of some binary distribution in removing the
    things I could expect on the presumed targets - generally a minimal
    installation including Tcl/Tk.

    The results are as follows:

    (1) It does not seem possible to remove any *.pyd files: py2exe or whoever
    wants them in the local directory. sys.path seems not to be used. Even
    deleting it altogether has no impact at all.

    (2) sys.path, sys.exec_prefix and sys.prefix are set to the local
    directory, changes to them also have no visible effect.

    (3) Removing DLLs has been more successful. However it is a matter of PATH
    setting on the target, where they are found. This seems to be irrelevant for
    the interpreter, alas not for tcl and tk.

    (4) It seems that Tcl and Tk expect some support data in folders tcl8.3 and
    tk8.3 which are expected at ../lib (i.e. one back and in a folder called
    lib). This is generally NOT the situation in a standard Python installation
    (where they are in ..\tcl) nor is it the case in the local directory of
    py2exe (where they are in ./tcl). This is something I do not understand!

    (5) Thus if the DLLs are found in a standard Python installation, it will
    fail. It is generally not possible to make a safe setup because of
    uncontrollable PATH settings.....

    (6) Those Tcl/Tk folders are quite large, mostly because of some asiatic
    unicode files. Those can safely be deleted I think.

    Conclusion: For distributions to customers without Python and unwilling to
    do any system changes it would be safest to fill some PYAPP folder with
    tcl/tk, the tcl folder and interpreter and maybe wxms24h DLLs. Than just
    drop your installations into that folder. This can safely be done when
    un-zipping them. The drawback is that there is no strcture at all inside
    that folder.

    The second best solution would be to put that PYAPP folder anywhere (however
    the structure must be changed, because of (4): PYAPP has to contain a DLL
    directory and the LIB directory for the tcl/tk folders. the PATH setting
    must be done to PYAPP/LIB. Now a reduced distribution can be put anywhere.
    This has some advantages from the point of configuration control, however is
    bound to break if the user decides to install a full Python.

    The situation is a mess and it took me some time to sort out all the
    problems (help came from Thomas Heller). So may be it will help someone -
    and be it to keep hands off ;-)

    Michael P
    Michael Peuser, Aug 16, 2003
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