Subject: MacPython-OS9 2.2.3 & Tkinter

Discussion in 'Python' started by Charles Starrett, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. I am a just a dabbler in programming, but I'd like to make some simple
    cross-platform tools for generating webpages, as well as for text
    munging. One thing I need is a Mac OS 9/Windows GUI solution. I
    thought that Tkinter could provide this, but I'm having trouble
    getting the simple test script from Learning Python p.22 to work under
    Mac OS 9 (9.2.2, on a 400 MHz PowerBook firewire/2000, 192 MB ram).

    Starting with a clean install of MacPython 2.2.3, I run
    ConfigurePythonClassic, and then launch PythonInterpreter. This is
    how far I get:

    Python 2.2.3 (#139, Jun 1 2003, 21:54:44) [CW PPC GUSI2 THREADS GC]
    on mac
    Type "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
    >>> from Tkinter import *
    >>> w = Button(text="Hello", command='exit')

    Then I get just a blinking cursor on the following line and nothing
    else happens. The OS hasn't frozen at that point, but the interpreter
    doesn't return any prompt (neither >>> nor ...). I can't quit out of
    PythonInterpreter except to "force quit." The menus respond visually
    but produce no result. <ctrl-D> doesn't terminate the interpreter
    either. If I don't force it to quit, the interpreter eventually
    (after 5-10 minutes) "quits unexpectedly" on its own. ONCE I was able
    to work all the way through the script to w.mainloop() but neither the
    button ("Hello") nor the window widgets responded to mouse clicks, and
    again I had to force quit the interpreter. I've also tried increasing
    the memory Preferred Size for PythonInterpreter but that didn't appear
    to help.

    My question is, does Tkinter actually work on OS 9? Is there a
    problem with this test script, or do I need to look elsewhere for my
    cross-platform needs? (The only other solution I have found is PLT
    Scheme, which I like, but I'd like to give Python a try...)

    Thanks for any help...

    Charles Starrett, Aug 5, 2003
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