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Discussion in 'C++' started by Istvan Buki, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. Istvan Buki

    Istvan Buki Guest

    Dear C++ gurus,

    I'm having some problems inserting some template classes into containers.
    I'm looking for ideas, suggestions,... on how to achieve this but first let
    me explain my problem. Everything starts with a simple template class like
    the one below. In this example class A has two template parameters but that
    number can be different.

    template < typename T, typename U >
    class A
    void a_method( T *t ) ;

    // Other methods...

    // private stuff...
    } ;

    Now let's say that in the application using class A, I instantiate A with 10
    different values for the T template parameter and I create one object of
    each type.

    To keep track of all these objects I would like to put them in a stl
    container but I can't because all the objects have a different type.

    I thought about creating a base class and make A derive from it but it
    doesn't work because of the "a_method" that depends on one of the template
    parameter and I cannot create a pure virtual a_method in the base class.

    Then I thought about changing the signature of the "a_method" to something
    like this:

    void a_method( BaseT *t );

    and make sure that template parameter T is derived from BaseT but it is not
    what I need because if I reuse class A in another application I would be
    forced to derive all classes used as T template parameter from BaseT which
    is probably not meaninful in the context of the new application.

    Finally I thought about doing the following:

    template < typename BaseT >
    class ParentA
    typedef BaseT BaseType ;

    virtual void a_method( BaseT *t ) = 0 ;

    // Other pure virtual methods...
    } ;

    template < typename MyParent, typename T, typename U >
    class A : public MyParent
    void a_method( MyParent::BaseType *t ) ;

    // ...
    } ;

    Then using it like this for example:

    struct SomeBaseClass
    // ...
    } ;

    struct SomeDerivedClass : public SomeBaseClass
    // ...
    } ;

    typedef ParentA< SomeBaseClass > ParentExample ;
    typedef A< ParentExample, SomeDerivedClass, SomeUType > ;

    This works but it is not very nice and it forces the user of the class to
    code a lot of stuff he should not worry about.
    And here I'm stuck. Does anybody have some ideas about how to achieve the
    same goal but in cleaner (possibly simpler) way ?

    Thank you for your help,
    Istvan Buki, Oct 8, 2003
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  2. "Istvan Buki" <> wrote...
    > I'm having some problems inserting some template classes into containers.
    > [...]
    > And here I'm stuck. Does anybody have some ideas about how to achieve the
    > same goal but in cleaner (possibly simpler) way ?

    What makes you think that you need all those [apparently unrelated]
    types in one and the same container? And if they are related [by
    the fact that they are in the same container], how are you using
    that fact? The necessity to call particular [and not polymorphic]
    member functions is not good enough reason to put them in one place.

    The solution you presented is about the only way you can achieve
    what you [seem to] need. It's clean and simple. The classes are
    made related by the common base class, the template arguments are
    also forced to be related. Without that you cannot use polymorphism
    [which you apparently want to use, although unclear as to _why_].


    P.S. It is usually advised to present the _problem_ you're trying
    to solve instead of a non-working "solution" to that problem. Without
    seeing what you're trying to achieve it is rather difficult to suggest
    a decent solution.
    Victor Bazarov, Oct 8, 2003
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