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Discussion in 'Javascript' started by MZ, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. MZ

    MZ Guest


    I have created a web page form where I describe the labels of input fields just
    using tigra hints.
    I have a problem with them

    Everything works fine (just like I wanted to work) in Firefox but not in
    Internet Explorer 7.0. On Firefox the hint which describes me the meaning of
    field is shown in a proper way, I mean in the block which is arranged on the
    front and it is shown both on the label and on the input field. It is shown
    horizontal in the Firefox.
    Unfortunately display in the IE 7.0. (maybe also on previous versions) is
    different than in Firefox. The tigra hints is shown vertically along the first
    <td> cell where is put label. Maybe I should use z-index to make it work fine,
    but I don`t know how? It is not so good to read the thin tigra hints in a
    vertical hint, because I have to scroll my page. In Firefox I can read the hint
    without scrolling the page.

    Can you help me? Unfortunately it is a Polish page where you have to register to
    see it, that`s why I pasted a code:

    <script type="text/javascript">

    // configuration variable for the hint object, these setting will be shared
    among all hints created by this object
    var HINTS_CFG = {
    'wise' : false, // don't go off screen, don't overlap the object in the
    'margin' : 10, // minimum allowed distance between the hint and the window
    edge (negative values accepted)
    'gap' : 0, // minimum allowed distance between the hint and the origin
    (negative values accepted)
    'align' : 'tlbl', // align of the hint and the origin (by first letters
    origin's top|middle|bottom left|center|right to hint's top|middle|bottom
    'css' : 'hintsClass', // a style class name for all hints, applied to
    DIV element (see style section in the header of the document)
    'show_delay' : 200, // a delay between initiating event (mouseover for example)
    and hint appearing
    'hide_delay' : 500, // a delay between closing event (mouseout for example) and
    hint disappearing
    'follow' : false, // hint follows the mouse as it moves
    'z-index' : 200, // a z-index for all hint layers
    'IEfix' : false, // fix IE problem with windowed controls visible through
    hints (activate if select boxes are visible through the hints)
    'IEtrans' : ['blendTrans(DURATION=.3)', 'blendTrans(DURATION=.3)'], // [show
    transition, hide transition] - nice transition effects, only work in IE5+
    'opacity' : 100 // opacity of the hint in %%
    // text/HTML of the hints
    var HINTS_ITEMS = [
    '<b>Ilo¶æ przedmiotów / grup przedmiotów</b><br><br>to ilo¶æ przedmiotów lub
    grup przedmiotów, które posiadasz w swojej kolekcji<br>',


    var myHint = new THints (HINTS_ITEMS, HINTS_CFG);


    <td onMouseOver="myHint.show(0, this);" onMouseOut="myHint.hide();">
    <input type="text" name="kolekcja[ilosc_przedmiotow]" value="valuefield"

    Regards and thanx
    Marcin from Poland
    MZ, Dec 30, 2007
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  2. K.

    K. Guest

    I did it by myself.
    I downloaded samples from tigra web page and I change my site like Sample7
    from tigra hints examples.

    Now it works both on Firefox and IE 7

    K., Dec 31, 2007
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