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Discussion in 'ASP General' started by katrinaVictim@., Oct 18, 2005.

  1. Everyone who contributed, thank you. But I just wanted to put one
    final note on this topic to "round out" the real issue and goal of my
    original post.

    My real goal was to "obfuscate" the links in my web pages to graphics
    on an e-commerce supplier's web host. Their domain is different than
    mine, so I didn't want hackers or other curious types investigating my
    upline supplier by going to the root of the domain specified in the
    "img src=" tag. I get a database from them with the name of the
    graphic, and I have a set of "strings" in my scripts of directories
    for different sizes of the same graphic, etc... so I put together the
    URL with two parts, [URL directory "string"] & [graphic name].

    When sending any text from the the buffer back to the IE browser, for
    the rest of all buffer flushes, it is set into a mode that will
    interpret binarywrites as "ascii"... so, even a small piece of html
    before the binarywrite will cause the browser to show a bunch of
    interpreted stuff on the screen... response.clear, gets rid of
    everything, but I wanted to intermingle the html and by binarywrite.
    I don't know of a contentType that would make this happen together.

    Furthermore, writing the file to the disk is way too intensive for
    just browsing my catalog pages full of graphics, BUT is great code for
    page scraping and saving graphics.

    Anyway... it dawned on me. duh. All I wanna' do is make sure they
    don't know the domain of the graphic source, so...

    I created an getImage.asp file. It gets two querystrings: Image, and
    Size. Image is the image name, size is a short variable denoting the
    directory on the web host (the complete url/[directory] that only I
    KNOW). From a <img src="getImage.asp?image=[blah]&size=[blah]"
    border=0> tag within the document one can integrate the graphic
    because the browser is making separate http socket connections out to
    the script. The script does the appropriate binarywrite of the
    responsebody in the img tag container.

    At first I thought I could "encrypt" the q-string and then that led me
    to see that I didn't HAVE to put the whole domain URL on the q-string.
    Other code in this topic would be very good for page scraping.
    katrinaVictim@., Oct 18, 2005
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