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Discussion in 'C++' started by Koldo, Oct 22, 2012.

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    Website: http://www.ultimatepp.org
    Download: http://www.ultimatepp.org/www$uppweb$nightly$en-us.html

    U++ is BSD licensed C++ cross-platform rapid application development
    suite focused on programmers productivity without sacrificing
    runtime performance.

    What is new in version 5431:

    The focus of this release was server programming. The main new feature is
    "Skylark", lean and mean U++ based web development framework.

    - String class has been further optimized for improved Cat performance.
    - Id class was refactored to better support multithreaded programming.
    - STATIC_ASSERT introduced for compile-time checks.
    - TCP/IP and HTTP was refactored and integrated into Core, providing new
    TcpSocket, IpAddrInfo, HttpHeader and HttpRequest classed (effectively
    obsoleting Web package).
    - Value was refactored and optimized, now using small value optimization
    - Value got Xmlize (conversion to/from XML) and Jsonize (conversion to/from
    JSON) support.
    - Date now has operator++/--.
    - Exit is now equivalent of C exit function, implemented using exception
    throw to *_APP_MAIN and C++ friendly.
    - Thread now has AtExit support.
    - .ini parameters now can be optionally encapsulated using INI_* helpers.
    - Sort algorithm was refactored, works about 10% faster.
    - LOGHEX and DUMPHEX logging macros provided for logging Strings in
    hexadecimal form.
    - LoadFromJsonFile and StoreToJsonFile jsonize object from/to files.

    - 'Of' method, used to qualify SQL column names, now has new alternative
    notation using operator().
    - Schema files information is now accessible application providing a form
    of database schema introspection.
    - JoinRef method of Select provides automatic join where join condition is
    synthetised by framework based on schema introspection.
    - SqlCtrls now support automated mode based on schema introspection.
    - SqlSession now has ThrowOnError option, when active all SQL errors throw
    SqlError exception.
    - Sql: Sql now supports fetching ValueMap of row (using Fetch variant or
    GetRowMap after Fetch).
    - MassInsert now has "remove" option to remove rows inserted before
    inserting, NoUseTransaction option and is using RDBM specific SQL syntax
    (instead generic UNION ALL trick) when possible.
    - Secondary SQLR default session intended for 'read-only' sessions.
    - Default sessions SQL and SQLR now can be per-thread (useful for
    multithreaded server applications).
    - Columns and table names now can be optionally quoted (new mode).
    - Sql: SqlLoadTable and SqlLoadColumn helper function can read whole
    tables into C++ VectorMaps.
    - New Sqls::eek:perator^ fetches single row from select and returns it
    as ValueMap.

    RichText, RichEdit
    - Paragraph ruler now can have dotted or dashed styles

    - EditField now has WhenPasteFilter that can be used to change pasted
    clipboard text before inserting it.
    - FileSel in Win32 is now using separate thread to lazy-load icons.
    - ColorPopup checks clipboard and when it founds a text resembling color
    definition (like #12aa33 or 123 55 6), adds this color to predefined colors
    in selection.

    - New, vastly improved GDB frontend.
    - Startup times should be significantly improved.
    - C#, JavaScript and css syntax highlighting.
    - Ide now can view .png, .jpg, .gif and .bmp files and even edit smaller
    ..png files.
    - New save file on window deactivation option is helpful when editing scripts
    or web templates - no need to save file when going to another window to test.
    - Insert clipboard as C string, convert text to C string functions.
    - New find in files dialog option to filter files according to their
    'read only' status.
    Koldo, Oct 22, 2012
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