Urgent positions: 1.JAVA/SOA Developer, 2.Deployment Resource /Weblogic Administrator, 3.Application

Discussion in 'Java' started by Isaac, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. Isaac

    Isaac Guest

    Dear All,

    I have couple of positions open, below is the JD, go through the same
    and let me know if you have anyone available, please send resume’s
    with hourly rate and contact details ASAP.

    These requirements are VERY HOT and immediate Interview & placements,
    please Don’t delay respond ASAP.

    Thanks and regards,

    Direct 213.233.3907
    Office 213.233.3576


    Note: If you have received this mail in error or prefer not to receive
    such emails in the future, please reply with "REMOVE" in the subject
    line and the email id(s) to be removed. All removal requests will be
    honored ASAP. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused

    1. Job Title: Deployment Resource / Weblogic Administrator
    Location: South Field, Michigan
    Project Duration: 6+ Month(s)
    Skill Set :
    Six years of IT Experience
    • Web logic environment
    • EAR file Deployment
    • code deployment
    • Data migration, reports and the COTS product
    • testing/System testing/performance testing/UAT/disaster recovery
    • Scripts Writing,
    • - Experience in application and db code deployment in Enterprise
    JAVA multi-tier application architecture
    • - Knowledge of Weblogic; keen troubleshooting skills required
    • - go through weblogic, application logs
    • - drive the corrective actions and come out with preventive
    • - Drive the vendor to eliminate all errors in the weblogic layer;
    eliminate all errors due to the application issues.
    • Understand the root cause and watch for them throughout the life of
    the project.
    • - Communicate best practices and get them into the application /
    deployment work stream.
    • - Knowledge of load balancers (preferably CISCO), portal
    applications required.
    • Desirable characteristics: - Knowledge of performance testing -
    Analyze logs during performance testing and suggest improvements -
    Knowledge of Data conversion process - Knowledge of ETL tools
    Education : Bachelor’s Degree

    2. Job Title: Java / SOA Developers
    Location: Warren, Michigan
    Duration: 6+ months
    Skill Set :
    • SOA (Oracle Fusion Middleware/SOA suite) .
    • Web Services, Java/J2EE
    • JMS / MQ Series
    • Struts, Ajax, Javascript
    • App Server (Sun App Server)
    • Oracle DB / SQL Developer (TOAD)
    • Ant, Solaris, JUnit

    3. Job Title: 2553-1 Application Programmer/Analyst - C++ Developer
    Location: Chicago, Illinois
    Project Duration: 12+ Month(s)
    Skill Set :
    Experience Database Platforms TCP/IP
    TIBCO Rendezvous Yes 1 Intermediate 5-6 Within 5 Years
    Protocols C/C++
    Protocols SQL
    Additional Skills:
    - Expert in C++ programming and object oriented design
    - LINUX shell scripting, Python, SQL
    - Network programming, sockets, a good understanding of underlying
    Job Description :
    The ideal candidate will work well in a team environment and possess
    the following characteristics:
    - Expert in writing client/server applications using C/C++
    - Expert in object oriented design and programming
    - Proficient in SQL
    - Strong ability to learn existing applications quickly and to be able
    to make modifications
    - Experience using make/automake, build scripts, deployment
    –Experience with ClearCase and SVN
    - Experience with Linux shell scripting
    - Ability to work independently
    Isaac, Dec 23, 2010
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  2. Isaac

    Lew Guest

    Re: Urgent positions: 1.JAVA/SOA Developer, 2.Deployment Resource/ Weblogic Administrator, 3.Application Programmer/Analyst - C++ Developer

    Steve Sobol wrote:
    >>>> I would never call or email you to respond to one of these posts. A
    >>>> competent IT recruiter would know the difference between an email
    >>>> message and a Usenet post -- free clue, I can't unsubscribe from your
    >>>> "emails" because these posts AREN'T EMAILS -- and would also understand
    >>>> the difference between C++ and Java.

    Wanja Gayk wrote:
    >>> Well, at least his postings may serve as a warning. ;-)

    Steve Sobol wrote:
    >> I'd be happier if he just quit and found a job he's more suited to, like
    >> flipping burgers.
    >> Actually, most fast-food cooks are probably far more competent to do
    >> their jobs, than he is to do his job...

    Wanja Gayk wrote:
    > You may believe it or not, but I also heard there are competent IT
    > professionals who use a newsreader that knows things like "killfiles" or
    > ignore lists. And since your header reveals that you're one of these,
    > using gravity, I know you have a "bozo bin" to stuff him into what makes
    > me ask myself why you still bother.

    Really? You don't understand it? Are you quite certain? Or are you just
    flexing your Usenet muscles on him? I mean, why do /you/ still bother? And
    you aren't asking yourself if you post it on Usenet like this, you're making a
    public point. Aren't you?

    I sympathize with Steve. Don't you? Sometimes, even knowing that there's no
    "real" point to it, one feels the urge to speak out. I'll bet even you,
    Wanja, sometimes utter advice or admonishment you know will be unheeded,
    misinterpreted or even resented, don't you? Yet you do it anyway, don't you?

    Surely you can relate to Steve's frustration and desire to take a stand, if
    only to the uncaring stars. Or to the supercilious Usenet posters.

    Ceci n'est pas une pipe.
    Lew, Dec 25, 2010
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  3. Isaac

    Lew Guest

    Re: Urgent positions: 1.JAVA/SOA Developer, 2.Deployment Resource/ Weblogic Administrator, 3.Application Programmer/Analyst - C++ Developer

    Steve Sobol wrote:
    > More to the point, Java job postings seem to be on-topic here, and I
    > didn't necessarily want to killfile those posts from Mr. Preludesys.
    > And yes, I was venting.

    I don't agree. The quality of "job postings" here is, at best, questionable.
    Most are targeted to very specific locations, typically a particular
    metropolitan area, so it's strange to post in a worldwide forum with what, at
    most about 1000 participants? The "job postings" are clearly unmonitored,
    throw-enough-spit-at-the-wall-and-some-will-stick efforts by untutored
    individuals of dicey provenance. In other words, pure spam. As Steve pointed
    out, any competent programmer would as soon sign as a relative for a 35% share
    (minus demurrage and hostage fees) of $36M held from a deposed oil minister in
    a Nigerian bank as seek a job from one of these slime.

    Ceci n'est pas une pipe.
    Lew, Dec 25, 2010
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