Use of finished web controls in and n-tiered application.

Discussion in 'ASP .Net Web Controls' started by Ole, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. Ole

    Ole Guest

    I am working in a small company where we are in progress of redesigning our
    system. We are going for the N-tier model which so far has worked
    beautifully. We are currently working on our Login Module, which will
    authenticate users using the Active Directory.

    The Login Module can be built using provided controls from Microsoft and
    defining membership providers in the web.config and the module can be
    finished in no time. This will however break our decision of creating the
    entire system using a N-tiered design pattern with a Presentation, Business
    and Data Access Layer. It will only create a Presentation Layer that
    negotiates directly with the data source (the Active Directory).

    There are two choices as I see it:

    1. We can use the Login Control as they are and define the providers in the
    web.config file. This creates and application with only a Presentation layer
    that negotiates directly with the data source.

    2. We can override the Login control and the membership provider and create
    a 3-tiered module that fits the overall design of the system, and data is
    passed from thgough Presentation, Business and Data Access Layer before it
    negotiates with the data source.

    The first option may be less time consuming and can create a finished module
    relatively fast, but breaks the design pattern of the 3-tiered model, and we
    have less control of what happens inside the Controls.

    The second gives more control of the code, but extends the coding time and
    the module will fit a 3-tiered pattern.

    We were wondering what other people’s thought on using these controls contra
    overriding all functionality of the controls to fit them into good software
    design. The question extends to other controls that are provided with the new
    Visual Studio 2005 as well, which are great to use, but lets the programmer
    create applications where a Presentation Layer that negotiates directly with
    the data sources and thereby breaks good software design, but there can much
    to gain in time saved from coding the controls from the ground and up. What
    do you think?
    Ole, Dec 22, 2005
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