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    How can I count the number of online users on my site? I
    have implemented my application as follows. Whenever a
    user logs in, I increment the count field in my database
    by 1 in Session_Begin and on Session_End I decrement it by
    1.Though the code works fine in normal circumstances, I
    noticed a few anamolies:
    1. If the user refreshes his browser, the Session_Begin is
    called again and the counter is incremented again. To
    overcome this, I used cookies. The first time the user
    logs in, I create the cookie. When the user refreshes his
    browser, it checks if the cookie exists, if it doesnt it
    treats it as a new request and updates the counter
    2. The problem arises on log out. Whenever the user
    refreshes his browser, Session_End is called that many
    times, and my counter is decremented more than once. How
    can I get Session_End to run only once for each instance
    of the browser?
    3. I'm using Forms Authentication and on Session_End I
    want to call FormsAuthentication.SignOut since the user
    can still access the pages after the session ends,causing
    a new session to be started. But this function does not
    work in Session_End.
    eolss, Nov 30, 2003
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