VHDL design for combinational lock

Discussion in 'VHDL' started by cherryzhou21@googlemail.com, Jan 7, 2007.

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    Hello, I have a programme to design for combinational lock. I have no
    idea about this yet, could anyone help me about this? It is better to
    have an ASM chart provided.

    A programmable combination lock is to be designed and built using the
    Altera FPGA Development
    ¡¤ To open the combination lock, it will be necessary to input three
    sequential 4-bit numbers to the
    lock. Each number will be entered using an enter push button. If the
    three modulo-16 digits
    chosen are the correct combination, when compared with those stored in
    a memory, then an
    unlocked lamp should be lit. If, however, an incorrect digit is entered
    as part of the combination,
    an error lamp should be illuminated after the last digit has been
    entered. Notice that the error
    lamp should not be illuminated until the last digit has been entered,
    even if the first or second
    digits are in error, since this would enable the combination to be
    broken one digit at a time. A
    reset input should be provided to reset the lock to its initial state
    at any time.
    ¡¤ When the combination lock is open it should be possible to be
    program it. After pressing a
    program button on the lock, three new codes should be entered and
    stored in the memory. A
    reset input at this time, should force a return to the open state, and
    indicate a fault state if the
    lock has been partially reprogrammed.
    ¡¤ Pressing the enter button, when not in program mode should cause
    the circuit to lock.
    ¡¤ In a production lock, the memory element would be some form of
    non-volatile device, such as
    an E2ROM. However, for this exercise you will be using standard static
    RAM. This means that
    every time you apply power to the lock, it will have random codes in
    memory. For this reason
    the lock must power up in the open state.
    , Jan 7, 2007
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