VS2003 can't connect to localserver

Discussion in 'ASP .Net Web Services' started by contact@daestra.com, Aug 12, 2006.

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    Please excuse me, but

    After upgrading to VS2005 from VS2003, any attempt to create a new web
    service project resulted in VS hanging as it attempted to connect to
    localhost. After many hours of trying many different things, I decided
    to bite the bullet and go back to VS2003. Ha!

    I uninstalled VS2005. Odd. VS 2003 is now doing the same thing.

    Ok, reinstall VS2003. Hmm. Same problem.

    Time to roll up the sleeves.

    I uninstalled VS2003, removed .Net 1.1 and .Net 2. Reinstalled VS2003
    and .Net 1.1. Same problem.

    Time to roll up the sleeves further.

    Uninstalled VS2003, .Net 1.1, IIS..... reinstalled IIS, VS2003, same

    Can't roll up the sleeves any further, time to put on my serious face.

    Removed VS2003, .Net 1.1, IIS, deleted c:\inetpub, deleted all related
    usercodes and groups, restarted, reinstalled basics, same problem.

    My serious face is starting to look a lot like my frustrated face.

    Uninstalled VS2003, .Net 1.1, IIS, deleted c:\inetpub, deleted all
    related usercodes and groups, ran Registry Mechanic to remove all
    traces and/or orphaned keys, removed Anti virus, restarted, reinstalled
    basics, same problem.

    Now my wife is covering the childrens ears, the dog is hiding under the
    table, the neighbours are thinking about calling social services and I
    am about *this* far from a stress induced heart attack...

    I can get IIS to the point where it serves up HTM and processes ASP
    scripts correctly. I just can't get VS talking to IIS.Also, if I
    manually copy an asmx file in the same directory in which working ASP
    scripts work, any attempt to open that asmx (or ?wdsl) results in IE

    I have ASPNET_REGIIS'ed and SYNCIWAMed until I am blue in the face, all
    service patches are applied, and there are no obvious error messages in
    the event log.

    I know that if I reformat my hard drive and install these applications
    fresh, they will work, but I already did this less than six weeks
    ago... no I didn't create a ghost image... Needless to say, if anyone
    can tell me how to COMPLETELY remove IIS and .NET so I DON'T have to
    reformat my c: drive, it would be VERY much appreciated.

    , Aug 12, 2006
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