Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary

Discussion in 'Python' started by Kurt B. Kaiser, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. Patch / Bug Summary

    Patches : 337 open ( -6) / 2941 closed (+14) / 3278 total ( +8)
    Bugs : 908 open ( +0) / 5262 closed (+17) / 6170 total (+17)
    RFE : 194 open ( +5) / 187 closed ( +2) / 381 total ( +7)

    New / Reopened Patches

    use LIST_APPEND opcode for X.append() method calls (2005-09-16)
    http://python.org/sf/1292625 opened by Neal Norwitz

    python.sty correction - verbatim environment (2005-09-17)
    http://python.org/sf/1293788 opened by Wojciech Smigaj

    python.sty: \py@sigline correction (2005-09-17)
    http://python.org/sf/1293790 opened by Wojciech Smigaj

    cjkcodecs does not initialize type pointer (2005-09-20)
    http://python.org/sf/1297028 opened by Eric Huss

    "Fatal Python error" from cStringIO's writelines (2005-09-22)
    CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1298449 opened by Andrew Bennetts

    Unchecked return value in cStringIO (2005-09-22)
    CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1298499 opened by Andrew Bennetts

    sysmodule.c: realpath() is unsafe (2005-09-22)
    http://python.org/sf/1298813 opened by Mihai Ibanescu

    vendor-packages directory. (2005-09-22)
    http://python.org/sf/1298835 opened by Rich Burridge

    Patches Closed

    Simple webbrowser fix for netscape -remote (2004-12-02)
    http://python.org/sf/1077979 closed by birkenfeld

    Replacement for webbrowser.py which has problems. (2004-05-16)
    http://python.org/sf/954628 closed by birkenfeld

    Multiple webbrowser.py bug fixes / improvements (2003-04-27)
    http://python.org/sf/728278 closed by birkenfeld

    python -c readlink()s and stat()s '-c' (2005-02-09)
    http://python.org/sf/1119423 closed by birkenfeld

    Bugfix for dircheck() in Objects/fileobject.c (2004-04-30)
    http://python.org/sf/944928 closed by birkenfeld

    tkinter hello world example bug (2005-08-31)
    http://python.org/sf/1277677 closed by birkenfeld

    Trivial typo in unicodedata._getcode (2005-06-03)
    http://python.org/sf/1213831 closed by loewis

    Cache lines in StreamReader.readlines (2005-08-24)
    http://python.org/sf/1268314 closed by loewis

    locale.getdefaultencoding: LANGUAGE not correctly parsed (2005-03-20)
    http://python.org/sf/1166938 closed by doko

    locale.getdefaultencoding: precedence of LANGUAGE / LANG (2005-03-20)
    http://python.org/sf/1166948 closed by doko

    locale: 'utf' is not a known encoding (2005-03-20)
    http://python.org/sf/1166957 closed by doko

    "Fatal Python error" from cStringIO's writelines (2005-09-22)
    http://python.org/sf/1298449 closed by mwh

    Unchecked return value in cStringIO (2005-09-22)
    http://python.org/sf/1298499 closed by mwh

    New / Reopened Bugs

    Installation of waste by MacPython installer (2005-09-15)
    CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1291662 opened by Freek Dijkstra

    The _ssl build process for 2.3.5 is broken (2005-09-16)
    http://python.org/sf/1292634 opened by Robert Cheung

    doctest runner cannot handle non-ascii characters (2005-09-17)
    http://python.org/sf/1293741 opened by GRISEL

    Distutils writes keywords comma-separated (2005-09-17)
    http://python.org/sf/1294032 opened by Martijn Pieters

    Error in metaclass search order (2005-09-18)
    http://python.org/sf/1294232 opened by Pedro Werneck

    email.Parser.FeedParser leak (2005-09-18)
    CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1294453 opened by George Giannakopoulos

    Problems with /usr/lib64 builds. (2005-09-19)
    http://python.org/sf/1294959 opened by Sean Reifschneider

    termios.c in qnx4.25 (2005-09-19)
    http://python.org/sf/1295179 opened by kbob_ru

    cookielib undefined local variable error (2005-09-19)
    CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1295432 opened by Yusuke Shinyama

    expat symbols should be namespaced in pyexpat (2005-09-19)
    http://python.org/sf/1295808 opened by Trent Mick

    inspect.getsource() misses single line blocks. (2005-09-19)
    http://python.org/sf/1295909 opened by Ron Adam

    MemoryError in httplib (2005-09-20)
    http://python.org/sf/1296004 opened by Yue Zhang

    Python/C API Reference Manual, Boolean Objects (2005-09-20)
    CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1296321 opened by Li Daobing

    expat crash python (2005-09-20)
    http://python.org/sf/1296433 opened by Mike Rozhnov

    Call by object reference sometimes call by value (2005-09-20)
    http://python.org/sf/1296434 opened by Alan G

    datetime.replace could take a dict (2005-09-20)
    http://python.org/sf/1296581 opened by Tom Lynn

    Incorrect return type for search() method (2005-09-21)
    http://python.org/sf/1297059 opened by Noah Spurrier

    hashable and mutable functions (2005-09-21)
    CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1297986 opened by ChristianJ

    shlex does not support unicode (2005-09-21)
    http://python.org/sf/1298120 opened by Wai Yip Tung

    _socket module not build under cygwin (2005-09-22)
    http://python.org/sf/1298709 opened by Miki Tebeka

    MSI installer does not pass values from UI (2005-09-22)
    http://python.org/sf/1298962 opened by Matthew Leslie

    "Howto RE" link is dead (2005-09-22)
    http://python.org/sf/1299051 opened by Macs R We

    build fails on Solaris 10 for Objects/complexobject.c (2005-09-22)
    http://python.org/sf/1299187 opened by Kenneth Simpson

    Tkinter Scale returns only integer from/to values (2005-09-22)
    CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1299520 opened by Tom Goddard

    Bugs Closed

    Installation of waste by MacPython installer (2005-09-15)
    http://python.org/sf/1291662 closed by jackjansen

    _iscommand() in webbrowser module (2003-02-17)
    http://python.org/sf/687747 closed by birkenfeld

    webbrowser doesn't start default Gnome browser by default (2005-02-02)
    http://python.org/sf/1114929 closed by birkenfeld

    urllib2 fails its builtin test (2003-11-18)
    http://python.org/sf/844336 closed by birkenfeld

    test_pwd fails on 64bit system (Opteron) (2004-11-15)
    http://python.org/sf/1066546 closed by birkenfeld

    Calling builtin function 'eval' from C causes seg fault. (2004-01-01)
    http://python.org/sf/868706 closed by birkenfeld

    Error in representation of complex numbers(again) (2005-02-08)
    http://python.org/sf/1118729 closed by birkenfeld

    patch 1079734 broke cgi.FieldStorage w/ multipart post req. (2005-01-31)
    http://python.org/sf/1112856 closed by arigo

    setup.py imports pwd before it's built if HOME not set (2003-02-28)
    http://python.org/sf/694812 closed by birkenfeld

    email.Parser.FeedParser leak (2005-09-18)
    http://python.org/sf/1294453 closed by montanaro

    email.Generator traceback in forwarded msg (2005-07-12)
    http://python.org/sf/1236906 closed by bwarsaw

    logging.shutdown() not correct for chained handlers (2005-09-05)
    http://python.org/sf/1282539 closed by vsajip

    cookielib undefined local variable error (2005-09-19)
    http://python.org/sf/1295432 closed by birkenfeld

    Python/C API Reference Manual, Boolean Objects (2005-09-20)
    http://python.org/sf/1296321 closed by birkenfeld

    Build issues (lib path) on linux2-x86_64 (2004-03-27)
    http://python.org/sf/924333 closed by birkenfeld

    Finding X11 fails on SuSE Opteron (2004-01-07)
    http://python.org/sf/872392 closed by birkenfeld

    Building python 2.3.3 RPM on Mandrake 9.2. fails (2004-04-22)
    http://python.org/sf/939699 closed by birkenfeld

    Tkinter Scale returns only integer from/to values (2005-09-22)
    http://python.org/sf/1299520 deleted by tom_goddard

    RFE Closed

    add dedent() string method (2005-07-13)
    http://python.org/sf/1237680 closed by birkenfeld

    hashable and mutable functions (2005-09-21)
    http://python.org/sf/1297986 closed by rhettinger
    Kurt B. Kaiser, Sep 23, 2005
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