What IS going on in "C: the Complete Nonsense"?

Discussion in 'C Programming' started by spinoza1111, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. spinoza1111

    spinoza1111 Guest

    "Don't bother contacting the publisher; they apparently don't feel
    these errors are significant."

    ....significant enough to pay Peter Seebach the money he wanted at the
    time, we have learned.

    "The following is a partial list of the errors I am aware of, sorted
    by page number. I am not including everything; just many of them."

    Contradicts below where it says "currently known", because "currently
    known" MEANS "these are [all] the currently known errors".

    "I am missing several hundred errors."

    WTF? Did you lose them, dear Peter? Did they run away? Or did you, in
    fact, want people to do your homework, and collect lots of anti-
    Schildt "errors" for you? Sort of Open Source, Open Content, and Open
    Season on Schildt?

    "Please write me if you think you know of any I'm missing."

    Yes, this does sound like a fishing expedition to me indeed.

    "Please also write if you believe one of these corrections is
    inadequate or wrong; I'd love to see it."

    Yes, so you could destroy the reputation of anyone dumb enough to take
    you seriously.

    "Currently known:"


    Deception rears its pretty head
    'Mongst the spirits of the dead,
    Those who hate the teacher,
    Those who have learned to use their reason
    Only in the time and season
    Where they can make hay,
    Who is right and who is wrong
    Matters much more and for much more long
    Than what is right and what is wrong.
    Destroy the teacher's authority
    In the name of liberty
    Caliban's freedom, hoy day
    Makes us all happy and makes us all gay.
    Now we can rule that is so cool
    Liberty turns into another school
    Run by name and who's in and who's out
    All that matters is how loud we can shout.
    Lord of the Flies we're the lads and guys
    And now the rule is we must have fun
    There is no father only the fortunate son.

    We don't know much but we say it loud
    Oh come see the boiling cloud
    We don't know much but it's a drinking game
    To expose Herb Schildt to FAQ shame
    We don't know much 'bout me or you
    But we sure do need the designated Jew
    We don't know much but it's a gas gas gas
    Oh come see the blood and glass.

    Edward G. Nilges 3 January 2010. Moral rights asserted, so shove it up
    your ass.
    spinoza1111, Jan 2, 2010
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