Will Perl fold on itself and when?

Discussion in 'Perl Misc' started by robic0, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. robic0

    robic0 Guest

    When I look at the Perl docs, it reminds me of a schizophrenic -
    so many ways to do the same thing there is no coherency!
    Frankly, the human being mind doesen't work that way, and it won't.
    I thought the same thing when reading about C++ overloading many years back.

    The human mind can keep a thought. Not a Perl thought though. I rember a
    common phrase, "Its the thought that counts". But, the "thought" cannot get out
    in Perl, its trapped beneth so many layers of unuseful crap it's just smothering.
    Witness, "scalar/list" context and default variables with compound expressions.

    Quite possibly the ones who can understand a crafted expression as such can't
    follow logic flow worth a damn. For the programmers who can do large scale
    programming, Perl is an extreme detrement. Its not that Perl does any core
    programming faster in shorthand constructs. For that reason, Perl is painting
    itself into a corner. No one wants to use it. Perl programmers are the lowest on
    the rung. Due to its nature, Perl is not seen as a viable language. Perl code
    is not used in a companies production environment that generates revenue.
    Its not 'glue' either and as far as automation goes it just plain sucks,
    its unreliable.

    So the future of Perl is in doubt. It had a chance in the automation realm
    but I've seen it just crap piles. Hey, maybe some joe_blob tried to use shorthand
    and it folded on him. The only sucessfull programs used in industry are by
    longtime C programmers who follow C style in the Perl code. Beyond that, shorthand
    and all the crap, Perl is just a toy that 'folds' on itself, and takes i big goddamned
    crap on everything it touches.

    See it doesen't matter a shit if Perl has 10 constructs to do the same thing.
    The problem is when schmucks believe those bizzarr constructs have merrit.
    The corporation fires those very quickly. When the automation program is constantly
    crashing because of memory leaks and the senior guy has to parse through default
    variable constructs that fold, that guy has got 1 day to fix it. He can't enfold
    the if/then/else logic because he did nothing but cut & paste shortcuts from
    newsgroups. His job is ended that day...

    Perl folds on its own constructs. The lowest paying jobs in the industry are Perl
    and its because of a reason...
    robic0, Apr 10, 2006
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