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Discussion in 'XML' started by Vivek Mehta, Aug 5, 2004.

  1. Vivek Mehta

    Vivek Mehta Guest


    I am currently working on a project which requires that our web based
    application should allow end user to search on various parts and their
    availability in different regions. Http requests will be sent via a
    asp/asp.net page to about 10 different databases. The companies which
    control these databases will receive requests and send XML resultsets
    back. I have limited XML experience and was wondering if some expert
    out there can help me with this.
    The idea is to present a "combined view" of all the results which will
    come back from these 10 different databases. These companies will
    agree to a standard XML result set format.

    I am not sure how to approach this. I have several questions :
    1. Everything needs to happen within a asp/asp.net page.
    ASP/ASP.NET Page => Send HTTP Request => Third Party App Processes
    Request and spit out XML result set => Our application will render XML
    result set to browser

    In what form this result set can be obtained from these companies so
    that the page can continue on ? Should this XML result set coming back
    from third party applications be a physical xml file stored somewhere
    on the our server or it should be in memory so that it is just a
    matter of parsing
    through DOM ?? How should result set be received so it can be parsed
    through DOM ? I would really appreciate if someone has a code example
    of receiving a result sets from different third party vendors and
    processing it in your application to give a combined view of the

    2. If a search times out in one database for performance reasons , how
    can the search continue in other databases ? How can this be
    controlled ?

    3. If there are several approcahes of doing this what are the
    pros/cons of each approach ?

    Sorry for such a long message. Thanks a lot in advance.

    Vivek Mehta
    Vivek Mehta, Aug 5, 2004
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