???XML vs SGML for unicode support???

Discussion in 'XML' started by krammer, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. krammer

    krammer Guest


    Can any one please give me a short but concise pros and cons list of
    Unicode support in both SGML and XML?

    long story short, we are gonna port our leagacy SGML files to XML and
    the new XML files will have foreign (CJK) and Ascii/English in them.

    XML would be better to store the text in cuase it has better Unicode
    support than SGML right???? what are these advantages that XML has
    over SGML besides the default encoing for XML is unicode and SGML is
    not unicode?

    We gotta backup our move to XML with some reasons for management.

    Any thouhgts on the pros and cons of SGML and XML when it comes to
    Unicode support would be much appreciated!


    krammer, Oct 14, 2003
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  2. In article <>,
    krammer <> wrote:

    % Can any one please give me a short but concise pros and cons list of
    % Unicode support in both SGML and XML?

    The only real advantage of XML in this regard is that you know unicode
    is going to be present in any parser you use, because it's a required
    part of the language. With SGML, I'd think any recent parser will also
    give you unicode support, and once you've got a parser that works, the
    problem is solved and you can get on with your life.

    XML stripped a lot of flexibility and user-convenience features out of
    SGML, which makes it easier to write correct parsers, as well as to
    write tools which can process data without intimate regard for its
    structure. This may be an argument if you're spending a lot of time
    developing special-purpose tools for each of your data formats, or
    something like that.

    I assume that the biggest problem you're having right now is dealing
    with non-ascii data, in which case I'd justify the change by by showing
    that you need to make a change in any case. Your current programs can't
    handle your data, so you either have to replace your current SGML
    programs with new SGML programs that can handle unicode data, or you
    need to replace them with a new data representation and programs that
    handle it. You then show that the approach you want to take is the
    lower-cost one, or the one that will give you greater flexibility,
    or you discover that it's not the right approach.

    Patrick TJ McPhee
    East York Canada
    Patrick TJ McPhee, Oct 14, 2003
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